10 Spots For When You #VisitPhilly

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of joining the Visit Philly fam to travel to a new city and experience everything Philadelphia has to offer. It’s safe to say over the course of three days in the city and a jam packed itinerary accompanied by some amazing company, I fell in love with Philly.

With Philly only being a perfect little “road trip” distance away from Toronto, I’ve put together a list of 10 spots I’ll most definitely be making a return to, and I highly suggest you do, too. Enjoy Cowes!

     To Eat:

  1. Max’s Cheesesteaks
    Would you really trust the rest of my list if i didn’t start with the best spot in the entire city to grab a famous Philly Cheesesteak? (I hope not!) Let’s just say, the drive to North Philly was very worth it. Stop by this small, family owned shop (with a line out the door) to experience the best sandwich you’ll ever have… take it from yours truly!
  2. Uncle Bobbies Coffee & Books
    Great Coffee, dope books and cool people… need I say more? When it’s time for a little coffee break in the city, be sure to check this place out. Being owned by author, professor and activist, Marc Lamont Hill, you know this spot isn’t your average shop. When you pop by and order your regular, pick out a book and get comfy!
  3. Harp and Crown
    I first fell in love with this spot due to it’s trendy vibe which features an open concept dining room, mood lighting, luxury vintage furniture with charm and an amazing playlist. Although when leaving, I had a few more places to be just as obsessed with, because of the outstanding service and delicious family style dishes.
  4. Danlu
    This two story, beautiful Taiwanese restaurant will have you coming back more. In addition to their incredible cocktail list, the fusion style menu is sure to not disappoint! Being a new spot in the city and opened by famous chef, Patrick Feury, it was no surprise that the best Filet Mignon I’ve ever had was plated over Lo Mein.

    To Do:

  5. One Liberty Observation Deck
    What better way to begin your trip to Philadelphia than by experiencing the city from the top, literally. Overlook the city’s skyline on this observation deck and get ready for the perfect ‘gram moment. Next time I return, I’ll be sure to head on over in the evening to see a different view, to see the beautiful city lit up!
  6. Philadelphia Distilling
    Not only is this trendy spot a retail store and a cocktail lounge in the front, it’s also open for full tours and tastings! The original warehouse is now renovated yet still holds it’s historic feel. Be sure to stop by this spot for a cocktail and enjoy a little session, learning about gin!
  7. Penn Museum
    Although we got the chance to visit quite a few museums, I really could have spent all day at this one. If you’re one who has an interest in all things anthro, this is the spot for you! The exhibit, which is located on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus, takes you through the entire existence of human civilization.
  8. Johnson House Historic Site
    This Museum is such an inspiring place. It is a historic house belonging to the Johnson’s family, who played a significant role in the antislavery movement and the underground railroad. With the original house still standing, the site is now open to the public and offers tours and information sessions daily.
  9. Philadelphia’s Murals
    The city has thousands of beautiful murals that have been created by locals. For over 30 years, artists have been contributing to Philly’s community and have added such beauty and character to the city’s landscape. Check out your favourite pieces online, and be sure to check them out IRL when you visit!
  10. Assembly Rooftop Lounge
    Last but certainly not least, you know I had to include a rooftop lounge! With stunning views of the cities skyline, overlooking the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, this spot is a must! This rooftop deck is a perfect place to unwind while sipping one of the hand crafted cocktails offered.
    There you have it, Cowes! 10 spots you have to check out the next time you visit one of my new favourite cities. Any of your favourite spots I’m missing? Let me know in the comments! Planning your own trip to Philly? Head on over to VisitPhilly’s website for tons of other amazing recommendations. 







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