The Anndore House Opens!

It’s been a few weeks since we finally got to launch The Anndore House. Bringing this baby to life was a full team effort with The Cowe executing the opening event and Halo running point on the PR. This opening was one of the rare times we were able to pitch an idea and take it all the way through to fruition. You see, most times when creating an event it goes from initial pitch approved to the final product being a sad, watered down version of your original vision. Budget constraints, too many chefs in the kitchen and an overall lack of time always ends up crushing your dreams, but this one was one for the books.

Since going to New York six years ago and taking in the immersive theatre experience that is Sleep No More I had always wanted to do an event that involved something like it. I have used actors in the past at events but when faced with the question: “yes, having a party in our lobby is great, but how do we get people to see the rooms?” I instantly thought of creating an immersive theatre experience.

We teamed up with a local, female led theatre company, Theatre By Committee, and told them about our vision. Armed with our ideas and the history of the hotel, Theatre By Committee came up with a play that would lead guests through the floors of the hotel and into the rooms via a journey through the decades. Because Anndore in its first imagination opened in the 50’s closed and is now being reimagined in 2018, guests got to see what might have been happening in the rooms in the ’50’s, 60’s and 70’s and then ended up in the present day at Constantine, the stunning new restaurant that lives in the lobby.

From a local super star drag queen Lucy Flawless telling guest’s futures, to our own Liza Minelli looking for love and even an illegal marriage (mixed race couples couldn’t get married in the 50’s) the 40 artists and actors gave the guests a fun evening full of exploration and out of the box entertainment.

The Anndore House is now open, check it out! Their restaurant and bar is also a must see.

Photos by Ryan Emberly