Travel Tuesday: How to Pack With Just A Carry-On

Over the years, (and many overweight baggage fees) I believe I’ve mastered the art of packing light…ish. When traveling, I’ve always strived to make trips to the airport as simple and stress free as possible, so when I started packing everything in just a carry-on it’s made traveling easier, flight check-in faster and getting out of the airport after landing a breeze. With trialing new travel techniques here and there, I’ve managed to travel up to two weeks with only doing laundry once, while also becoming the queen of day-to-night outfits.

Traveling this summer? Try out these 5 tips that have been tested by yours truly.

  1. Roll it, don’t fold it

    Although I’m sure this trick isn’t new to anyone, I truly swear by this and in fact, cringe when thinking about the amount of space wasted when just folding sweaters. This also helps me easily decide on what fancy silk tops I really don’t need to bring on vacation. To put it simply, if it can’t afford to be packed without a ten minute ironing job, leave it at home.

  2. Shoes, Shoes and…no more shoes?

    Shoes are a nightmare to a gal that “travels light”.  They are not space friendly, they add a significant amount of weight and most importantly, they are the hardest item to convince yourself that you don’t need them! When packing, stick to two pairs. One, being the pair you wear traveling! I’ve told friends that a clean, cute white sneaker is a must have. They are comfortable and super easy to change up looks with. Just think, a workout shoe, a summer dress shoe and a jeans and a basic tee shoe? White sneaker it, girl!

  3. Plan a capsule wardrobe

    What I mean by this is, When planning your outfits, try to use as many pieces as a staple to other outfits, instead of a new top and bottom for every new look! “Basics” will be your best friend, one pair of jeans, one pair of shorts, a black cotton dress… etc.

  4. Travel size everything

    Nowadays you can find almost everything in a travel friendly size, I love purchasing my own travel sized containers to easily transport my favourite “can’t live without” products. Even when it comes to makeup, sample sized products become necessities of mine! For hair, trade your blowdryer, curler and hairspray in for a good wave spray and call it a day! Remember, less is more when you’re on vacation!

  5. Electronics, what are those?

    Before you go ahead and throw in your laptop, GoPro, DSLR and anything else you would think is a “must”, second guess that decision! With the quality of imagery you can get from a Smartphone, along with amazing editing apps that are available, opt in for just your phone, and a great book to keep you entertained.

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Have any pro packing tips that I’ve left out? Let me know in the comments below! #HappyPacking







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