Woman the fuck up!

Dear yesterday me,

Woman the fuck up!
That’s right, I said it.
I was bold and blunt and I even used a curse word. What!
The oh so forbidden f word.
Well not anymore.
Now it’s time to woman the fuck up and embrace the change that’s coming. YOU!

Let me ask you, what’s it like being a woman in the year 2018? Now that you’ve had a second to think about it, how does this question make you feel?

One incredibly powerful word will help sum it all up for you, are you ready?

Listen carefully as I shout it to out loud to the world.


Being a woman in today’s society is THE person you want to be.
There has never been a time more pivotal than now to be a strong and empowered woman.
A woman with many layers and colours of different shapes and sizes but most importantly, a YOU that every woman in today’s world can relate to and aspire to become.

NOW is the time to be that woman who can finally kick off her damn stilettos, stand up tall and speak up without feeling any shame, guilt or doubt but rather, a sense of self-worth and pride.

Your word is your truth.
And your truth is your worth.
But it’s your worth that will help become the change that we need for our girls of tomorrow.
Now is the time for us women to STOP BEING POLITELY ANGRY and paint the world with the colours of a real woman.


For many years, women have been silenced to speak their truths. Their words were weapons of destruction and would only create havoc in the world if spoken out loud. And sadly, for many years, women have chosen to stay silent because that was the only way to survive being a woman.

Well not today.
Not anymore.
The time has finally come where women too, can finally speak their truth.

Have you ever stopped and wondered why women were treated so differently? Forced to look a certain way and act a certain way? Let’s all stop right now and take a second to think back on those days and what it was like to be a woman.
Now stop and take a good, long look in the mirror and tell me what you see.
Do you want to know what I see?
I see the face of a woman who has become part of the evolution of female empowerment.

There is no more mirror mirror on the wall, whose the prettiest of them all. Now we have the mirror mirror on the wall, let’s teach our daughters to skip the whole fitting into a glass slipper and shatter the heck out of those damn glass ceilings instead.

We have come such a long way from how things used to be and we now have the amazing ability to stand tall and embrace the world of women. How beautiful is it knowing that right now in this exact moment in time, you are the one and only true definition of what it means to be a real woman.

Long hair, short hair, dark hair or even pink hair…these are all the beautiful qualities that define women. You ARE what it truly means to be a real woman and it’s time to embrace this change. It is time to woman the fuck up and show the world what you are made out of.

You don’t need to look like a stereotypically designed female. Now you can be a scientist, rocking coloured hair and standing five feet tall. Or you can be a rockstar, or actor, or even a teacher with a doctors degree. You can be and look however you want and still accomplish whatever your heart desires. You can do and be anything you want. YES YOU CAN. (Thanks Rosie the Riveter for inspiring us to do it).

The beauty of today, in the year 2018, is that in today’s world, all women of any shape, colour and size can finally shine and truly embrace being the woman that they were destined to be. So let’s embrace this moment ladies and let’s use this empowering moment to woman the fuck up.

Now how does one woman the fuck up? It’s quite simple really.

There is this thing called self-love that I have recently become quite addicted to and it’s an addiction I don’t ever plan to let go of, or find a cure to. I truly believe that this new crazy phenomenon is the one and only true answer to finding self-happiness. I believe that being so in love with yourself is the first step of loving the fuck out of yourself and that alone, holds all of the power in YOUR world. (See how I didn’t write IN THE world- because it’s your world that matters, not everyone else’s).

It’s time to make the you in your world a priority and it all begins with you peeling away each and every single one of those layers that somehow mask who your true self is.

Now it’s not something that can be done overnight, or by a snap of two fingers, but once the process has begun, it’s going to be such an incredibly liberating and satisfying feeling. In fact, it’s so liberating that you’ll soon want to bare it all, for the entire world to see.

And ladies, no need to strip down to what your momma gave you, I’m talking stripping it all off emotionally. Barefoot, braless, or dressed up to the nines wearing the highest of heels, it’s time to let it all out. Allow yourself to strip the old you away and learn to embrace, accept and love the new you.

This is going to be the first day of the new you.
And once you start, you’ll never want to stop.
And heck, why should you.

I mean, who knew that taking care of yourself actually meant loving the person you are both inside and out. We tend to spend most of our time and energy trying to appear perfect or fake the perfect smile, while we quietly bleed internally, while biting back our words because frankly we’re just too afraid to say what we really need to.

And if there is something of value that I’ve learned over the course of this past year, it’s that I do have the right to love myself and who I am does matter to my world. But mostly, who I was yesterday and who I am right now, will help teach and empower both myself and my daughters to discover, embrace and love their own true selves.

Because in the end, they too have taught me a thing or two about being a woman from the perspective of a mother.

2018, the year of your transformative self- well it was for me anyway. This past year has been such a transformative year for me both mentally and spiritually, that it finally feels like I can breathe mindfully again.

My mind, body and soul have all experienced such intense changes, and while not all of those changes have been positive ones, together both the good and the bad have surely helped me grow.

I am now finally transforming into that woman that I want my daughters to aspire to become and I can only do that by falling in love with myself all over again.

And that all happens when you finally stop, take a deep breath and tell yourself these three incredibly powerful words.

I am loved. 

Three words that will forever change your world and the way you start to see yourself in the mirror. Three words that will bring light in your life and music in your soul. Three words that will allow you to be and feel loved openly and freely.

You are loved.
You are you.
You are a woman.

So I openly welcome you to the year of 2018, the year of speaking up and letting it all out for the world to see. This is the year of the woman, the year of YOU.

So what do you say, do you have what it takes to woman the fuck up?

I know I do, even when I thought I didn’t and it feels so damn amazing.



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