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Unofficial Letter From the Editor…

When I was a kid, the last day of school presented a mixture of feelings from nerves to sadness, to the excitement of the peace and freedom of summer. As I’ve grown up, responsibilities have shifted the idea of ‘summer’. Its lazy, laid-back, freewheeling magic has swiftly been replaced with more work, less time, and an incredible amount of planning (hello, Motherhood/Entrepreneur life!) The only noted change from winter to summer is, well, the temperature.


That was until last week. You see, last week I went on a vacation. And not some work trip where I stole fifteen minutes from the pack to take pretty pictures to make it seem on Social Media that I’m having THE BEST TIME EVER!! But rather I took a full unplug. Out Of Office on, phone on airplane mode, total disconnect from work, and it was fabulous.


Being a creative who also runs a business, means that most of my time is taken away from having the actual opportunity and space to let my mind be free to think, expand and create. Original ideas are never formed from scrolling a feed, but rather opening your eyes, lifting your gaze, real human interaction and actually reading more than a headline.


We are living in the midst of a cultural revolution. The tectonic plates of media continue to shift in both magical and tragic ways. As we ride these bumps and aftershocks, I ask you to remember the importance of you and your mind. We have never lived in a time where we have had access to and have been inundated by the amount of information that we are attacked by on a daily basis. If taking just one week to myself taught me anything, it taught me that the pressure to do it, be it, and see it all, is overrated. Arguably what is success if you have all of the accolades and you hate your life?


I encourage you, as I will continue to encourage myself, to carve out time for you. Carve out time for you, without agenda or goal. Carve out time for you without judgement. Carve out time for you, the most important person in your life.


This is my first unofficial Letter From The Editor, it took me so long to write because I actually felt I had nothing to say. Funny how a little break can change more than you can imagine. I hope you enjoyed!





What I’m loving…


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