Elevate Your Shower Routine With Yves Rocher

Washing my hair is truly a job in itself, people think I’m being dramatic when I say that but it’s true!


My hair is super thick and coarse so I can get away with one to two washes a week, but when I do wash it I typically do a deep clean. There’s nothing worse than going through the process of washing your hair and not feeling like it’s clean (enough).


Yves Rocher has created concentrated formulas for both shampoo and body wash, that have now become a crucial part of my shower routine. You don’t know the meaning of a little bit going a long way until you’ve tried Yves Rocher’s Concentrated Shampoo and Concentrated Shower GelBoth formulas ensure a deep clean with less than half the amount of product you’d typically use.


They’ve somehow managed to create both bottles to release the perfect amount of product, in one drop. I was pleasantly surprised at just how much the product grew after I released the little drop into my palm. The suction like packaging allows for just enough product to come out, so you have no waste or mess on the mouth of the container.


You’re getting the same number of washes you would in just 100mL (life saver when traveling and easy to throw in my gym bag). Not sure about you, but I find that I go through shampoo and body gel really quickly because I love a generous lather and sometimes shower more than once a day, depending on when I workout and what activity the day entails.


The concentrated shampoo is also included in Yves new Botanical Beauty Box, with a few other goodies worth exploring!

Each season, Yves Rocher will launch a limited edition Botanical Beauty Box (same idea as above), in collaboration with an advocate for women’s rights and a cause that woman is passionate about supporting. There’s nothing like a little pick me up to kick off each season, while supporting the Act Beautiful Campaign (an initiative to bring forward a female voice that will empower women in their daily lives). $1 of each box will be donated to a cause of Yves Rocher’s spokeswoman choice supporting women. Check out their very first beauty box here!


Post shampoo feels… (squeaky clean with subtle shine)


Something I also love about these products is that you’re not sacrificing the environment to get what you want. The amount of plastic that we use is unthinkable with increasing amounts of it being found discarded in our oceans and suffocating our marine life, even thinking about the turtles brings me to tears. Thankfully companies like Yves Rocher are doing their part to make change through innovative packaging and non toxic ingredients. The shampoo and shower gel are preservative free, and created with no parabens. There’s so many deliciously scented shower and hair products out there, that it’s hard to focus on using both environmentally friendly and fresh smelling products, that are also affordable! These babes check all of my boxes and are definitely worth a try.








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