A few things….

Every now and again I get in a Social Media funk. I get bummed out by what seems to be winning and I begin to avoid it. But when the world you work in is so tightly linked to Social platforms things can get tricky. So I’ve come up with a practice to help get me up and out of the funk and inspired again. It basically involves spending time looking for the content that builds me up rather than focusing on the things that bring me down.

This week I thought I would share 5 things on the inter webs that got me in my feelings – in the most beautiful way.

This post on Cup of Jo inspired me to get over trying to look ‘perfect’ for photos but rather to try and collect pictures of the real, unfiltered moments.

This post by Alicia Keys supporting her husband’s ex wife on her book launch and just the general way they have evolved in their relationship to create an amazing environment for their kids just made me smile.


I loved being submerged in the world of Quincy Jones. 

Happy Thursday 🙂





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