How To Deal With Your (Dry) Hair This Winter

And just like that, I blinked and summer is behind us.


Now stay with me as I know this is not a popular opinion, but I dread the temperature drop and season change every single year. As my tan fades, my skin instantly dries up and I need to swap sandals for boots, I have to admit I don’t love it.


But this year, I have vowed to make the entire transition a little bit easier. And over the years I have learned that wardrobe isn’t the only thing that needs adjusting during ‘sweater weather’. I had the chance to chat with Tai, the colour lead at N15 Hair, and he was able to give some tips on how to make that jump into cold weather a little more bearable (for your hair, at least).


Turn it down


The first thing we want to do when cold weather hits is jump into a piping hot shower and then cuddle up in a plethora of cozy layers. One of these things shall pass and it is not the scalding shower. Tai notes that water temp should be kept no higher than 110F, which translate to just above lukewarm.  In short, hot water dries out the scalp and can lead to a flaky scalp or rebound oiliness. No bueno folks.


Pro tip – Tai recommends NIOXIN Scalp Therapy conditioner no.1, he says the mint scent and cool feel on the scalp after the shower is really refreshing and perfect for that transition into fall.


You are what you eat


Fall is prime market time, with fresh fruit and hearty vegetables galore! Take advantage of that by stocking up on all of the good food around you. “From apples, to brussels sprouts, parsnips, pears, rutabagas, cauliflower, pomegranates, kiwi, citruses,” says Tai. “Your hair is a reflection of what you are consuming on a daily basis.”


Fear not, it’s normal


There is truly nothing worse than running a brush through your hair and looking down on the ground to a pile of hair. With a thick mane like mine, this is fairly commonplace but I always notice it amplifies come September. Tai reassured me that this is completely normal and September/October is actually named
“shedding season” – who knew?


New York–based dermatologist Jeremy Fenton told Allure Magazine just that. “There has been some research that has shown that there is some seasonality to [shedding],” he said in a 2017 interview with the magazine, “Some postulate that it is based on evolution, creating more hair in the summer to protect the scalp. Others believe it also is about the body minimizing the shedding during the winter months.”


Keep it au naturale


I’m the biggest hypocrite regarding the above subject – eeek! While I may be a hot tool addict (despite my hair crying no),  Tai showed me some new ways to take that hair into day 2, 3, etc.


See below for some of our favourite ways to transform your hair as the temperature drops!


Two 10 Minute Styles


I slept with my hair wet, so Tai ran through it with a blowdryer and sprayed some texturing spray because we all know clean hair has a much harder time holding a curl.

He only curled 8 to 10 pieces, spreading the hair out equally, making it look like it took a lot more effort than it actually did.


After he finished curling, he combed his fingers through my hair, making it look like I had soft waves, naturally.

I love this look because it adds a little bit of body to the hair, minus the timely process and overdoing it with the heat tools.


Now, Pilar from our team with much thicker and coarse hair came in the salon with it natural. Tai transformed her look with a low side pony, and a little pouf with the bangs.

Tai took an even amount of hair from either side and pulled it back, leaving two small, shorter pieces down on either side to frame her face.

He pulled this small section back, twisting about 4 inches from the root.

Tai pinned this section of hair down, creating a pouf and then pulled the rest of her hair to make a ponytail. To conceal the elastic and add another element to the style, he wrapped a thin piece of Pilar’s hair around the elastic, creating a seamless style.

After creating the ponytail, he spent five minutes curling a few big pieces within Pilar’s ponytail and curling the two pieces left on either side of her face!

And bam! You have two very different hairstyles that only take 10 minutes to achieve. Both looks can be created on clean or two/three day old hair.

A special thank you to N15 and Tai for showing us some ticks and tricks around our hair this season.


Hope you enjoy, Cowes!




Hails and Pilar


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