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In The Know With Coco and Cowe: October 26, 2018

Happy Friyay, Cowes! Wishing you the spookiest last weekend in October. Just like that, another month down, two more to go this year.


Stay #InTheKnow this week with a hearty pumpkin shrimp curry recipe, five books to help you escape reality, the 411 on Hinge, a new series to binge watch this weekend and serious I do inspo.


  1. 19 gifts for everyone in your family to enjoy- #yes!
  2. “Inside The Mind of a Voyeur”– so, so creepy!
  3. Pumpkin shrimp curry recipe, to warm everybody up this Fall.
  4. Easy but effective Halloween cocktails, a few of these will get you into that Halloween spirit!
  5. The 411 on hanging kids’ artwork…
  6. Five books to help you unplug and forget your current reality for a few hours.
  7. Snuggle up and binge this series this weekend.
  8. The sex math on John Mayer… it’s a three digit number ladies!
  9. Amy Schumer makes our day, for the 300th time this year with her pregnancy announcement. Deats here.
  10. The 19 best places to travel to in 2019.
  11. A deep dive into “business casual”– what does that really mean?
  12. Work and school tote bags for under $100.
  13. Serious “I do” inspo from Caspar Haydar.
  14. Favourite granola of the week. Seriously addicting- don’t say we didn’t warn you!
  15. Jonah Hill opens up about his weight loss journey as he sits down with Ellen.
  16. What’s the deal with Hinge? This “relationship app” strives to set themselves apart from your other dating apps.



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