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In The Know With Coco and Cowe: November 2, 2018

Happy Friyay, Cowes!


There’s nothing more fresh than the beginning of a new month… am I right? Stay #InTheKnow with the VSFS artist lineup, how to keep your fridge fresh & clean, to a product that will have your skin feeling like butter this Winter, 5 steps to maximize your productivity, outerwear staples and thoughts on if Sabrina (the Teenage Witch) is #woke.


  1. “My Boyfriend of Three Years Just Ghosted Me..”. WTF!
  2. Kylie Jenner slays Halloween once again, this time with Stormi! Can’t. Get. Enough.
  3. Five steps to maximize your productivity- pre new year feels.
  4. Ten impactful reader comments on a breakup. Everything from what defines you, envisioning a new future, being the ultimate healer and much, much more!
  5. Artist lineup for the VS Fashion Show is here and we are excited about it.
  6. Is Sabrina a #woke witch? Read the lovely theories of people on the internet here.
  7. Twenty-seven school shooting survivors express share their horrific memories that you won’t forget.
  8. Prepare yourself- kids explain how to be good and the world needs to take notes because it’s the sweetest thing ever.
  9. The beginning of a new month calls for a serious fridge clean out. Click to clean and keep that fridge of yours fresh!
  10. Canadian Jewish leaders are especially worried about what happened in Pittsburgh happening in Canada. Why? 
  11. Coconut melt to keep your whole body feeling like butter rather than dry and flaky.
  12. Why am I so damn tired all the time?” RT!
  13. The five most common nutritionist questions answered!
  14. Outerwear staples we need to keep warm, like yesterday.
  15. The Starbucks holiday cups have arrived and there ain’t no complaints.


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