People’s Choice Awards 2018 Fashion Roundup From the Least Fashionable Human on Earth

If I’m keeping it 100, I have no business writing this post. I am not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination — in fact, I hate shopping and you can read more about that here. I do however, know what I like and while my personal fashion may be woefully boring, I do appreciate a beautiful outfit.


Last night while aimlessly scrolling on IG, my feed was flooded with images from the People’s Choice Awards and I thought to myself “Meh, what the hell”, so here I am. May I also note that I don’t have cable, so I didn’t actually watch the PCA’s, but IG and Twitter weave a good enough story for me.


Here are the 10 best outfits, in my non-professional and unfashionable opinion. Also, I have no idea what designer anyone is wearing, because what we’re really focusing on here is my opinion. Obvi.  


Emeraude Toubia

I literally have no idea who this woman is, but she looks spectacular in this orange one shoulder gown. She looks radiant, and truth be told, I’m a smidge jealous that she can rock this colour without looking like a pumpkin. I would have a panic attack if someone made me wear a fully orange ensemble.


Isaiah Mustafa

Honestly, I loathe the colour red. I only wear red shellac or lipstick and generally think that red should be reserved only for those purposes. But every now and again, someone puts on a red outfit and I find myself totally digging it.


In the case of Isaiah Mustafa, I’m thinking zayyyyyyyum *heart eye emoji*. He looks very handsome in this suit — love me a man in a tailored suit.


Amber Stevens West

Mmmkay so she had a baby like 3.5 minutes ago and she looks spectacular. The velvet, the colour, the silhouette are all fire. I actually had the good fortune of meeting her and her husband in Vancouver last year at a coffee shop and spent like 45 minutes chatting about all of the things. She and her husband I am happy to say are delightful humans.


Kat Graham

All I have to say is COME THRU KAT GRAHAM. This forest green number is a whole lewk and I’m all the way here for it — for sure my favourite look of the evening. She looks so sexy and that’s all there is to it. Ugh, I need a tan.



Victoria Beckham & Kris Jenner

Man alive do I love a woman in a suit. I think it’s one of the sexiest and powerful looks a woman can rock. For the record, I don’t call them “pant suits” or “skirt suits”. A suit is a suit and it seems redundant to say pant or skirt. I digress.

Both of these ladies look magnificent in their suits. Victoria really pulls off that loose fitted blazer look and Kris Jenner is crushing the chic, black, Corey Hart sunglasses at night vibe.




Terry Crews and Rebecca King-Crews

Honestly, I know the matchy matchy thing is a bit cheesy, but IDGAF, I think they look SO CUTE I can hardly handle it. They got suited and booted for a couples night out and I’m totally vibing with Terry’s turtleneck. It’s 90s nostalgic and I love it.



John Legend

Again with the turtleneck… If you don’t already know this, black is the colour of my soul and I frickin love it. I think John looks so dapper in the triple black. There isn’t much else to say, because he looks damn good.  



Chrissy Teigen

LEGS. Chrissy looks fab. That is all.


Susan Kelechi Watson

First of all, if you don’t love Beth from This Is Us then we can’t be friends. Second, my girl is coming thru with the clavicle, sequins and the feathers. This is a party dress if I ever saw one and while I don’t personally wear sequins or feathers, I love it when others do. Also, her makeup is lovely.



Signing off as your favourite uninformed non-fashionista!


Until the next FASH-UN roundup,





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