Why I Take A Daily Probiotic

“Go with your gut,” they say.


“What is your gut telling you?” They ask.


As you know I’ve been on this health and wellness journey, trying to figure out how to get back to feeling more like myself and there are now some supplements that I rely on to help get me there and a probiotic is one.
After looking more deeply into my health, I became a daily user of probiotics. koena became my brand of choice after taking it for just over a month. I like the fact that they have supplements specially formulated for women, adults and kids. So with koena my whole family is covered!

koena probiotics are not only packed with good bacterias, they also offer the advantage of being vegan friendly, dairy, gluten, soy and GMO FREE! They are free from dyes and artificial colours and are made right here in Canada. It’s also formulated so it doesn’t have to go in the fridge, perfect for a lifestyle like mine where it’s easy to carry when I’m on the move.

If you’re looking to start not only listening to your gut but also start taking care of it, check out koena.






*This post was made in generous partnership and in promotional consideration with koena Probiotics.*


All thoughts and opinions are my own.


This product might not be suitable for you.  Always read and follow label instructions. For more information on koena visit or speak to your pharmacist.


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