Glowing Skin in The Winter? It’s Possible!

I’ve talked a lot over the years about how I struggle during the winter to keep my skin glowing and hydrated. The winter totally does a number on my skin and my typical habits just don’t cut it. Regular facials are a great help but they can get costly and time consuming so my winter routine involves weekly at home mini spa moments. And by that all I mean is a whole ton of masks, also known as multi-masking!



From sheet masks to scrubs, I love spending a Sunday evening replenishing my skin and lately I’ve been digging this particular process with Yves Rocher products.


Step 1:

Exfoliate. The best way to get rid of dead skin is a good exfoliation and I begin with the Exfoliating Scrub made from apricot seeds that’s gentle enough to not irritate.


Step 2:

Radiance Mask. This mask boosts and awakens with the natural powers found in Sandthorn which is known to help revitalize dull skin.


Step 3:

Replenishing Mask. This one is all about the moisture and as I mentioned, I need all the help I can get in this department! The Agave Sap in this guy is so helpful in bringing back that freshness, that the miserable cold keeps trying to take away.


Because let’s be real, three is better than one. I love the idea of multi-masking because not every area of skin on my face is the same, some areas are dryer and more dull than others, whereas some areas are more oily (#relatable).

In addition to multi-masking, I also like using the Detox Liquid Care product Monday morning, post masking. The formula is concentrated in detoxifying Aphloia and Moringa extracts, this ultra-refreshing day care formula purifies your skin and restores a radiant complexion- yes please!

Also, a large part of maintaining my glow is the consistent use of Yves Rocher’s anti-pollution line. And a big component of keeping your glow comes from, as cheesy as it sounds, the inside out.


The thing I adore about Yves are their Botanical Beauty Commitments. A key factor is that they’re formulated with 93% ingredients of natural origin, click here to read on.

Stay hydrated this season, Cowes!





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