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In The Know With Coco & Cowe: February 8, 2019

TGIF, Cowes!


Stay #InTheKnow this week with all things V-Day, home organizers to help you get your shit together, Ariana Grande’s new album, to silk pillowcases, avoiding a mid work day burnout, and Summer Fridays new release.


Love is in the air!!

  1. DIY lip scrub just in time for V-Day.
  2. This just in from Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber- there’s a lot we didn’t know until now.
  3. Eye creams to help us conceal our serious lack of sleep and jet lag.
  4. 18 pink home items to have us feeling like it’s the month of loooove. Disclaimer: we own 80%.
  5. So, where is 21 Savage really from?
  6. An investigation: how Uber eats is making us go bankrupt.
  7. “Netflix is getting Gooped” and we could not be more excited.
  8. An abundance of white models with cornrows
  9. Nail art in honour of V-Day!
  10. Home organizers to help you get your shit together.
  11. How to avoid a burnout mid-day at work?
  12. Summer Fridays back at it again with R&R.
  13. Pillow cases to save your skin and elevate your night time routine.
  14. Ariane Grande’s album here, now.
  15. The trailer for “The Sun is Also a Star” is here and we are weak!



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