Our Favourite Activewear Pieces

Tis the season of getting into shape.


For some additional motivation, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite sets, leggings, sports bras and zip up’s. All products are linked in the grid below- just. Keep. Scrolling!



We discovered Gymshark about two years ago and have not looked back since. The quality and durability of these leggings is beyond us. The high waist really sucks everything in and stays that way even through burpees, jump squats and all of the rest. The Gymshark athletes are also super motivating to follow on the gram and they’re 90% of the time dressed in the brand, which is totally inspiring. (Check out Krissy Cela and Whitney Simmons– our go to’s!)


We like the Vital Seamless line the best, which they have also done a camo release of. Stay on top of their Instagram account as they consistently launch new releases, and they tend to sell out fast. There is a neon drop TODAY (Wed. Feb 27th) at 2pm EST, to get you in the Summer #shmood. We love pairing the matching leggings and sports bras- makes us feel like we have our shit together.



Lululemon has had our hearts forever, let’s be real. The Energy sports bra is one of our favourites, same goes for the Define Zip Up. Again, the quality is up to par which is crucial to us, considering our fave pieces to sweat in go through the washer time and time again.


People seem to love the Align Pant, so we had to try! The material truly feels like butter, they are high waisted and very thin. The consensus to us is that these are not ideal for HIIT workouts, but super comfortable for day to day activity. The high waist does not stay put when lots of bending, jumping and plyo movements are involved. The black ones are great for a straight cardio day on the treadmill or stair climber but the sweat shows through on the lighter colours right in the middle of your cheeks! So caution there… You can get either the crop legging or full length style, and there are several colours and patterns to choose from! Dark olive and black are our go to’s.


Alo Yoga

Alo can be quite expensive but when it’s on sale we like to splurge/save. The materials used are often so soft and absorb sweat well. The styles they offer are efficient too, you can go minimalistic or play with patterns. We love the Moto high waisted leggings below, they’re great for a sweaty workout and cute for a daytime casual look with some sneaks.


Also, something to admire about the brand is Alo stands for Air Land Ocean, they have always been 100% sweat shop free- that we whole heartedly support!



The ultimate hub for women’s athletic wear. We’ve found some sale Alo over at Bandier as well, same with Fila, Adidas, Alala and all the other athletic wear brands you need. Keep in mind that this website is in USD, so make those conversions before checking out.


Share your favourite gym looks with us on Instagram, we’d love to know what motivates you to hit the gym!



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