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In The Know With Coco & Cowe: March 1, 2019

TGIF, Cowes.


February just flew right past us! Stay #InTheKnow this week with everything from what’s coming to Netflix this month, meal prepping on a budget, to differentiating between a cold sore and herpes, the Michael Cohen testimony and Gaga’s perspective of her and Bradley’s Oscar performance.


  1. Lady Gaga speaks out on her and Cooper’s sensual performance at the Oscars of Shallow. 
  2. If you didn’t see their performance, you must! Like now. 
  3. Your easy guide to making your own salad dressings, using only 3 simple ingredients.
  4. Moisturizers with SPF to save and protect your skin!
  5. A new mask on the market, buy & try before this baby sells out.
  6. Everything coming to Netflix this month– so much yes!
  7. “Men are scum”, a look inside Facebook’s war on hate speech.
  8. Offset is “ready to grow up”.
  9. The “seven best things about uncuffing SZN
  10. Meal prepping on a budget and some food inspo.
  11. The Jonas Brothers are back and we are feeling all kinds of ways.
  12. The Michael Cohen testimony indicates to us that he has some serious #ragrats.
  13. Cold sore or herpes? Important to know how to tell.
  14. 10 new, tasty restaurants to dine at this month.
  15. How much is “enough” when it comes to saving?


Cheers to the beginning of a new month.



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