The 5 Second Rule

My boyfriend sprung out of bed about a month ago, gave me a kiss on my forehead and headed out our bedroom door mumbling:


“Going to meditate. Love you.”


Now what’s strange about this is not the meditation, or the kiss, but that ‘sprung out of bed’ bit. Yes, this man is the loveliest man I’ve ever met (like, ever) but just not in the morning. Typically his mornings involved a whole lot of pressing of the snooze button, tons of grovelling, and much avoidance of him on my part – to say he’s not a morning person would be a grave understatement. That is until one book kinda changed everything.


Enter, The 5 Second Rule, by Mel Robbins. Jimmy had been bubbling over about this book for a while but it wasn’t until I saw things start to actually change, read: the morning gremlin died, was I convinced enough to give it a read. You see, I like a motivational book just as much as the next gal, but I was kind of in self help fatigue as January’s New Year-New You mottos surrounded me to the point of suffocation.


And then I read it.



The premis behind this book and subsequent movement is that our mind has a small window between a thought and putting that thought into motion. 5 seconds. Robbins discovered while going through a very tough time in her life that if she resisted pressing the snooze button, counted backwards from 5 and jumped out of bed her day would change in a positive way. She began using this new theory or ‘five second rule’ with every thought and decision that came to her and her life took a radical change for the better.


Though I had seen her now famous Ted Talk in which she first explains the 5 Second Rule, it wasn’t until this year that I read the book and truly got what she was saying. I was more focused on the idea that I am (and you are) 1 in 4 trillion…. (though this ‘fact’ has been heavily refuted, I still like it)


The beauty in this theory is that it’s simple. I’m sure too simple for many but at any rate, it has helped me emensly, especially in making decisions. I don’t have the same issues as Jimmy does with waking up but I do like to hold onto ideas, hem and haw over things for weeks or months, have fear of raising my hand in big meetings with a misplaced fear that I will sound like a fool. This book helped to force myself out of my head and right into the arena by something as simple as a countdown. And it’s helped so many other people too! In fact the book is filled with testimonials from people whose lives have changed based on implementing this little change and though it can get a bit repetitive (I did skip over a few) the nueroscience behind the rule and the other ideas around rituals, productive procrastination and working in the morning have really helped me with not only my focus and efficiency but my confidence and dedication to caring for myself (a new development in my life).


If you’re looking for a good kick in the pants or something to help get you or keep you on track, I highly recommend this book. I read it on my iPhone and took screenshots of my favourite passages and when I’m feeling particularly uninspired I head over to my screenshot album and read them for a nice directional reminder.







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