It’s Time to Hang Eucalyptus in Your Shower

We have always loved the scent of eucalyptus but when we tell you, you have to incorporate the real thing into your shower routine, we are not playing! The combination of the real plant and the steam is truly the most clarifying at home “spa treatment”.


You can purchase fresh eucalyptus at your local flower shop or sometimes you can even find it at health food stores. Tying the leaves together with a natural garden twine works best. It won’t weaken to moisture as much as regular twine would.


We love the eucalyptus experience, especially during the winter months to clear our sinuses when we get home from trekking in these treacherous conditions. Not only is it a serious stress reliever because you can’t bring many distractions with you under the water, but it is a natural decongestant that genuinely makes us feel like we just ate a blob of wasabi, minus the discomfort that comes with that lol.


It’s also a good routine to get into after a tough week of exercise, as eucalyptus leaves include tannins which are used for the treatment of inflammation.


Are you sold yet?



Try it for yourself and share your feedback with us on Instagram, if you decide to hang eucalyptus in your shower!



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