Creating Art For Your Floor With Weaver & Loom

Art is life and I’m a firm believer that if you love it you should surround yourself with it. When I was designing my house, picking furniture was easy for me. I am pretty straightforward with what I like when it comes to furnishings but the one place I got stuck was rugs. I love the floor I picked so much and it wasn’t even in my thoughts to cover it up in any real way until I started to put my furniture down. There’s something about the texture that a rug brings that truly makes a house a home but it wasn’t until I met Ali from Weaver & Loom did I start to see how rugs can go from an afterthought to a key conversation piece in your home. From something you throw on the ground to a piece of art.

When I first met Ali he was so impassioned about style and design that we jived right from the start. His love of true craftsmanship oozed out of him and his eye for colour and shape got me giddy. We decided to team up to make what he would call: the rug of my dreams and boy did he ever deliver.

In business for generations, Weaver and Loom’s bespoke service is Ali’s foray into a different stream for the business and his dedication to his craft is so inspiring. So we got to work!

After our consultation, we shared a Pinterest board where we both shared things that we liked. From a lace shirt to pineapples to pink and Faberge eggs, everything was on there and it’s crazy to see where we ended up. (Excuse all imagery below,  I just wanted you to get a taste of the process and we didn’t bring our photographer that day.)

Weaver and Loom’s bespoke rug service allows the customer to create a piece for their home that truly reflects their style. For me, I knew I wanted to play with the shape of a pineapple but like any good piece of art, I didn’t want it to be literal or deliberate. Ali went to work transforming a traditional pineapple into a pineapple with green fonds and a Faberge body, incorporating the pinks and salmons and greys and greens, prevalent in my colour scheme in the room. He then deconstructed the pineapple breaking it up in such a way that you would have to really look at it to understand. Not unlike my growing art collection, I love a piece that encourages discussion; something that at first glance you like, but aren’t really sure why.

The process is super customizable at W&L and there is a unique cycle of how they manage the process. Before even jumping into anything, you begin with a questionnaire so Ali and Natasha can understand what you’re looking for and help work together to create your ideal masterpiece. You’re truly a part of the process every step of the way, if you want to be! This is one of the many things I love about the W&L method.


The creative work is one of our favourite parts, along with the sample approval. It is such a customizable process where you get to see, touch and feel all materials, fabrics and colour choices. Ali is great in suggesting design ideas and is also extremely accommodating when you provide inspo imagery and describe what you’re looking for, i.e. my Pinterest board.

After all of the creative work is complete, it takes about 4-6 weeks to receive the sample piece after it’s put into production. It’s really exciting when the sample approval comes in because it’s a little taste of what your larger piece would look like.


After all approvals are in check, the actual rug production takes about 3-4 months, but it depends on the size and weave, which you will learn all about at your consultation.


The white glove install (the moment you’ve been waiting for), is such a smooth process with Ali’s team. The W&L team comes into your home and lays down your carpet with an underlay. And voila, your work of art is now in your home for everyone to see.

Visit Weaver & Loom’s website to start your piece of art today! Check out my stories on @cocoandcowe to see the white glove install in action.





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