Quaker Chewy® Mermaid Confetti Chip Granola Bars

When the last days of March Break crept along I was getting hard pressed on things for H to do. Because she was away for the first day of it, camp wasn’t an option and her being at home meant a lot of schedule juggling with work and planning so that she wasn’t sat in front of her iPad or the TV for the whole time. My parents came through with a bunch of science projects and lucky for me, Quaker Canada came through with a surprise Mermaid crafting set of her actual dreams!

To launch a new limited-edition granola bar called Quaker Chewy Mermaid Confetti Chip Granola Bars, they sent some bars along with a super cool Mermaid-themed DIY arts and crafts kit complete with a treasure chest and headbands to design. H is at the age where mermaids and crafts are of equal importance to her so I was totally saved by Quaker Canada with this adorable kit.

While designing her dream treasure box H munched on a bar and at the last bite exclaimed: “”I LOVE the blue eggs!”” The new bars are full of the same wholesome ingredients that kids love and expect from Quaker, but with the addition of chocolatey confetti chips, or as H calls them – eggs. The bars seriously turned up the fun in our crafting afternoon and she insisted on packing them up to bring to her playdate the next day. For those of you who don’t know, this is a RARE occasion as H is the pickiest eater on the planet so when she likes something new it’s a whole lotta hallelujah in this household!
As most parents will appreciate, they are not made with any artificial colours or flavours. Plus, they are made with 100% Canadian oats and have 9 grams of whole grains per bar. These bars are limited edition and will only be available in stores for a short time so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for them!
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This post was made possible by our partnership with Quaker Canada.


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