Summer Fridays: R & R Mask

This review is long overdue but Marianna has done it again. R & R delivers everything it says it does.

The packaging is exactly the same as the Jet Lag mask, if you are familiar with Summer Fridays. But we are here for the clean aluminum interior and squeeze bottle to ensure cleanliness, versus open jar style.

R&R: the definition of a two in one. We often mask before bed to let all of the goodness soak in throughout the night.

To apply, we like massaging the mask into our skin, to benefit from the exfoliating factors in this mask. The dual action of first, exfoliating and then having the product absorb into our skin for an hour minimum, packaging says leave on for 10 mins, but who follows instructions? LOL.

After the hour passes by, take a wet wash cloth and gently wipe/dap the excess. There will be little grains (ground wild rose powder), still left over in the AM, just rinse your face thoroughly before applying moisturizer.

Now, more on exactly what the mask does for your skin… Thank you @Sephora.

The exfoliating factor of R&R is delicately ground wild rose powder (the remains after removing), that “whisks away dead skin cells”. In collaboration with antioxidant-rich oils, including: argan, safflower, sesame, avocado and grape seed—steep skin in luxe moisture, nourishing fatty acids and anti-inflammatory healing.

In addition to being:

Let’s just say, we’ll have what Marianna’s having.

How we feel the morning after R&R.

LOL. But seriously, give it a try and incorporate masking into your weekly routine!

Let us know if you try any of the masks from Summer Fridays, we’d love to hear how you like the product(s).


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