Mother’s Day Gifts That Mothers Will Actually Like

Instead of making a random list of candles and robes I asked some mothers in my life what they would actually like for Mother’s Day and then I took it to the gram to ask the same and the answers were pretty awesome. Though we mothers love our kids and our families one of the things I know I’m always in search of (and discovered by my crowd sourcing you are too) is some time. Some peace and quiet and some time to do something that just feels good for just you. So many of you apologized for even thinking of yourselves and I really wish you wouldn’t. Motherhood is demanding, especially in this day and age so don’t you dare feel bad for needing, wanting or demanding something that’s just for you.

Now, for any of you out there trying to buy something for your mother or partner that will really make them feel heard, understood and appreciated, please read on.

I caught up with my mother via text while she was in Scotland having cocktails with her high school bestie and got a pretty standard answer for a mother’s day gift: a day at the spa for my Mum and afternoon tea for Anette. One caveat, the tea should be for FRIENDS, not family.

The lesson: when picking a gift for your mother that involves other people, let her pick who she wants to catch up with. She loves you, but maybe she just wants some good old fashion girl time with her buddies and which one of us doesn’t feel her on that? If you want to go all out, make the reservation, call her friends to align calendars and send Mum out with a gift card for the Afternoon Tea or call ahead and pay for it.

The Spa also came highly requested as a gift to Mother’s when I asked on Instagram.

Here are my top six in the city:

The Spa at Four Seasons for the best massages and you can chill in their incredible space all day with your service

Her Majesty’s Pleasure for those mums who want to combine some pampering + girl time. This is my fave spot for mani’s and pedis and COCKTAILS!

Miraj Hammam Spa by Caudalie Paris at The Shangri-la for their zen vibes

Hammam Spa – for their hammam

Gee Beauty for the latest and greatest in skincare technology to get that glow

Ritual also great for facials with the added bonus of making a day out of it by heading down for a blow out and a mani pedi post facial.


I’ve always wanted my daughter’s name on something or just her initials but it’s something I feel strange buying for myself. I really don’t know why. Maybe in the hopes that someone will gift me it for Mother’s Day?

By Chari makes super cute ones that you can customize.

My bestie Mimi also suggested stackable rings with her kid’s birthstones on them and that is also a super cute option.

3. A NAP

So many of you said you just wanted one day where you could sleep in, wake up at your leisure and even shower and use the washroom without a shadow or an appendage. Sometimes the best gifts involve zero dollars. Time is said to be the most precious commodity so why not plan a morning where Mom gets it off?

Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful mama’s.

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