Coco Con: Media with Vanessa Craft

Last week we brought back Coco Con and this time the topic was Media.

For those of you who don’t know Coco Con was created to be an educational platform where people in our community can connect and communicate with experts in a variety of fields. Being that our topic was the ever changing landscape of media we chose the incredible Vanessa Craft, Editor and Chief of Elle Canada to be our guest. AND IT WAS AWESOME! *if I do say so myself – huh Jay Z voice*

Halla and I both work in media owning this platform and Halo PR Group so creating this event was so exciting for us both. Because Halla comes from a traditional background and I from a non-traditional one, we had a lot of fun preparing our line of questioning for Vanessa and even more fun discussing with her.

Vanessa left Canada in her late teens to go to school but ended up staying there for years interning, writing and grinding. She climbed the ladder step by step, paying her dues and in her words: “Doing the work that no one else wanted to do.” Today she is not only an incredible mother but the first and the only black Editor In Chief in the Elle franchise. To say she is an inspiration would be an understatement.

This second iteration of Coco Con we were able to grow to double from our first event and moved up to newer and flashier digs in Four Seasons Toronto. Two hundred of the most engaging and positive women joined us for our talk and the room was just electric with my favourite kind of buzzy, inspiring vibes. We laughed, we learned, we connected and I might have cried – just a lil.

Coco Con is the love child of Halla and I, a passion project that we and our team have put countless hours (and dollars) behind because we believe so strongly in creating this positive space of growth. None of this would be possible without the support of all of you that bought tickets, our amazing team headed up by Cleo and Pilar, with help from Dinah and the entire Halo team. It also would not have come to life without our incredible sponsors who have partnered with us because they rock with our vision. Thank you so much to Kes7 for helping us build this dream. To Four Seasons for making us look so posh and Healthy Planet for keeping our gut in check. A special thank you to ALL of our sponsors who made the swag bag be at a value way more than the ticket.




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