The Importance of Changing Your Pillowcase & Pillow

I mean, it’s a give in that you should probably be changing your pillowcase frequently, because your face is all up in there daily, for quite a few hours.

The oils from your skin (and hair for that matter), sink into your pillow and naturally shed for hours at a time, daily.

We’re super adamant about changing our pillowcase but recently discovered that we should also be changing our physical pillow much more often than we do now. Your skin is shedding and dust mites are there to feed. Men’s Health published, “According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, we each shed enough skin on a daily basis to feed 1 million dust mites. And did we mention they’re thought to be the most common trigger of year-round allergies and asthma?”

Wowie- that is not cute or sanitary. Something to ease off the dust mites is a pillow protector that has a zipper to put on, before you put on your pillowcase. They’re not expensive but they totally make a difference, you can purchase on Amazon here.

I mean it’s helpful to have a “washable” pillow, but if you’re working with memory foam, we personally would not recommend throwing that in your standard washing machine.

So, how often should I actually change my pillow?

The “experts” say once a year, but we push for every 6 months ish, especially if it’s not a washable pillow. As for your pillowcase, every 2-3 days– you read how much skin is shed in just one day! We like a classic cotton pillowcase and the Slip silk pillowcases are luxurious af but obviously can’t be washed every other day because who has time for that? Start your week off right with clean hair and your silk pillowcase, then scale down to cotton lol.

Scroll for pillow and pillowcase inspo because we care about your skin and wish no additional dust mites upon you!


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