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In The Know With Coco and Cowe: Friday May 17, 2019

TGIF, Cowes!

Stay #InTheKnow this long weekend with everything from financial trends to take advantage of, eggplant lasagna that is guaranteed to make you miss carbs less, hangover hacks #FTG, Amazon’s achievement of the year, to tequila cocktails and 25 things to do in the city this long weekend.

  1. Camila Mendes and Charles Melton intrigue us and we are about their relationship, see timeline here.
  2. Tequila cocktails to make this weekend.
  3. The most innovative beauty product launches this year, according to the one and only, allure.
  4. Your seven day plan to a kickstart healthier habits.
  5. A new way to cook your eggs and options to stay fuller longer- #signmeup!
  6. Six financial trends to use to your advantage for more $aving$.
  7. On a sanitary level, how unclean is it to kiss your pup on the mouth
  8. Barry’s Bootcamp is opening a second location in Yorkville!
  9. What we can do about Alabama’s Abortion Ban, we have no words other than disgust and disappointment.
  10. Eggplant lasagna, just in time for #Summer19.
  11. “I’m never drinking again”, hangover hacks #FTG.
  12. Deep sleep pillow spray to help you catch those zzz’s faster than usual.
  13. Amazon surpasses Walmart as the biggest retailer– oh hot damn, we can’t say we did not see this day coming!
  14. Roasted parm green beans– spice up your veg intake!
  15. 25 things to do in Toronto this long weekend.


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