How to: Cashew Milk

Cowes, we tried cashew milk at home and it was eau so fresh.

We’re always into milk alternatives and oat milk just seemed too complicated to make at home, so we’ll leave that one to Whole Foods.

The recipe we based off our experiment was from Downshiftology. We did make some observations that we would do next time, aka your first time- you’re welcome.

So it’s pretty simple, all you need are raw cashews, probably a good idea to order these online because our closest grocery store locations did not have them and we went on a royal hunt to find them before we conducted our little story series. To be clear, the packaging needs to say “raw”, not unsalted or roasted, this shit gets confusing in aisle 11.

So, raw cashews, water, cinnamon and your preferred sweetener- we reach for either honey or maple syrup.

We just used our NutriBullet and it did the trick! The recipe from Downshiftology said four cups of water, to one cup of raw cashews. Next time around we would start with only three cups of water. It tasted obviously watered down using four cups, but still so pure compared to store bought.

So, first of all there is no straining involved in this at home nut milk but it’s necessary to soak the raw nuts for at least four hours, or overnight. We had them sit overnight just in an enclosed container with water- ready to blend.

After your cashews have been soaked, drain the water from them and then put the cashews in the NutriBullet, add 3 cups of filtered water and blend on high.

After about 30-45 seconds, try a sip and judge how much sweetener you need to add. Remember, you can always add more, so start small ladies. We’re also big fans of cinnamon so we add a dash after sweetener and then one final blend.

Bam! Now, go soak those raw cashews and enjoy your home made cashew milk, Cowes.


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