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In The Know With Coco and Cowe: Friday June 7, 2019

TGIF Cowes!


Stay #InTheKnow with everything from Bradley Cooper’s split, a guide to The Hamptons, the best grooming products for your man, to DIY a cashew milk and wtf the flamingo pose is. Enjoy & happy weekend.


  1. Here to replace your classic Stan Smith.
  2. A Betches breakdown on everyone competing in season eight of “Are You The One?”.
  3. Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayak no more.
  4. Cashew crunch salad with sesame dressing- nom, nom, nom.
  5. Everything we need to know about Jennifer Lawrence’s fiancé, Cooke Maroney.
  6. A guide to The Hamptons because who knows when Toronto will see eternal sun.
  7. Why you do that weird thing in your sleep.
  8. Coconut chocolate balls to make and snack on, on-the-go!
  9. “A pretty & easy party spread”- yes please! Revisit this page when hosting this Summer.
  10. Meet Madam C.J. Walker, the 1st female self-made millionaire in America.
  11. The flamingo pose is a real thing, ladies.
  12. Too Faced has blessed us with “Damn Girl!” mascara, add to cart now.
  13. The best of the best grooming products your man won’t be able to stop thanking you for. GQ saves the day with this recommendation list.
  14. We tried cashew milk at home, now it’s your turn!
  15. The world’s most secluded #Honeymoon destinations.
  16. Stop yourself from making these mistakes while trying to get your body “summer ready”.



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