A Natural Antiperspirant That Works?

If you’ve been following along you know my journey to the all-natural side has been rocky, especially with finding an all-natural deodorant or antiperspirant. I try my best but some products, like my perfume, I have yet to be able to swear off.



My commitment to finding a deodorant has been one of dedication. I’ve crowd sourced for recommendations and you all CAME THROUGH! The lists were long of different brands and I tried so many. I also did things like used charcoal soap and different sponges and nothing was working. Either they worked but gave me a rash (my skin doesn’t like baking soda, an ingredient found in many all-natural deodorants) or it just made me smell worse… And then I was introduced to Green Beaver.



The Green Beaver founders developed the brand after years of working as biochemists and microbiologists, discovering the amounts of dangerous ingredients used in self-care products. Green Beaver is the first EVER aluminum free antiperspirant that is also 100% natural. The patented technology that they’ve come up with is called NaturaDri, which is made of sunflower seed waxes, mimosa flowers and other natural ingredients. It creates a moisture barrier that’s safe and clinically proven to provide wetness and odour protection.



I was skeptical at first that this one would work. I’m not ashamed to admit that I sweat. I like to train hard and have been known to be a wee bit of a nervous nelly so both of these things can cause some serious sweat. I need an antiperspirant that works as hard as I do and to be honest, I wasn’t giving up my heavy-duty men’s antiperspirant until I found something competitive – even if it may lead to cancer. That may sound crazy but being in meetings with rings of fire under my arms is an embarrassment I wasn’t strong enough to just deal with. Luckily, Green Beaver has really worked so far. Though it isn’t as strong as my pore clogging-cancer causing standby, it’s strong enough AND it doesn’t make me smelly.



I may have to re-apply (not sure an antiperspirant should last for 24hrs…) and I am not completely dry after a 60-minute class at Barry’s, it does protect me enough to make me feel confident and even more importantly, it’s safe, clean and healthy. Which is the goal right? More and more I’m realizing how important it is to pay attention to the things I’m putting on my body as much as what I’m putting in it to be as healthy I can to try and stick around on this beautiful planet as long as I possibly can.






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