How to Get Your A$$ Out of Bed to Work Out



We’re feeling the wrath of this gloomy weather that is so not #Summer19 approved. We’re also finding that we’re feeling v unmotivated to get out of bed in general, but to get up and workout first thing is a whole other issue.


We’re seriously writing this post to find motivation within because us putting off our physical activity is getting old, real quick. See below, a few things to motivate us that will hopefully rub off on you.


Set Your Alarm an Hour Earlier 

Change your perspective so you believe that you can totally wake up an hour earlier to get a 45 minute sweat sesh in before the day picks up. We promise you and ourselves that you never regret a workout you complete, the only regret is sleeping that additional hour and missing your sweat sesh.


Follow Inspo Accounts on the Gram 

We love finding inspo on the gram. Whether it be work out accounts that share short videos you can do in your living room or nutrition accounts that share healthy recipes/alternatives to things we love. A few we love include:









Treat Yo’ Self to a New Set 

Get that matching legging and sport bra set you’ve been waiting to purchase. Looking good and feeling good (to an extent), truly go hand in hand. This is your sign to add to cart and purchase, Cowes!


Find a Workout Buddy

For some reason, knowing your friend is ALSO getting up earlier to hit the gym with you, makes both of you 10x more accountable! So find someone who is also feeling unmotivated, (not a hard task), and slay together. Don’t forget to take progress pics, it really makes a difference and we use them for motivation.



You’ve heard it over and over but #facts. More often than not we find ourselves hangry when in fact we’re dehydrated. Add a squeeze of lemon in your 8 glasses of water and your body & skin will be feeling the detoxifying benefits stat. Make it a habit to start your day with a glass of lemon water, feel energized in 0 calories.


#HealthisWealth, Cowes! Please share any tips on how you motivate yourself to #move.



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