Podcasts We’re Loving Right Now

It’s summer and if you’re lucky you’ll be off on a plane or a train or a car to a destination that does not require a lot of thinking nor a lot of stress. If so, or if you’re like me and stuck in the city but still need entertainment, I’ve got you boos! 

Forever on the hunt for a podcast to fill up my traffic jammed commute, here are five that I’ve been loving lately.


The Tony Robbins Podcast

I’m not a Robbins devote (yet) but I watched the documentary and his message is so solid. I started listening to his podcast on my morning walk and I just love his content. The people he interviews and what he gets out of them is so uplifting and sets my day right up for a win! I especially enjoyed this episode featuring Kevin Hart and this one with Martine Rothblatt. The discussion with Hart around embracing your authentic story and the growth found in change is great for us all to hear and Rothblatt is mind-blowing.


The Cut on Tuesdays

Timely and topical, this podcast is both smart and entertaining. Covering a swath of topics from abortion to therapy while taking Molly and really great business and celebrity features this podcast will keep you totally entertained and give you the most conversation starters – you’re welcome fellow introverts.

Try this one on Abortion at 23 weeks 


The Nod

The Nod is a hilarious, fun-loving look into black life and culture with hosts Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings. They sometimes have guests and their current look at life through the black lens is a refreshing listen.

Check out their take on the Jordyn Woods/Kardashian saga.


Reply All

Also from Gimlet is their mainstay, Reply All. With hundreds of episodes there is content for days but Episode 136 – The Founder just floored me. Following the story Paul LeRoux who goes from computer wizard to criminal on the most mind bending international scale is what I hope will one day make the BEST MOVIE EVER. 


The Breakdown with Shaun King

I first found Shaun King on Instagram and was moved by his realness and his commitment to covering the often overlooked news stories affecting POC. I love King and his movement so much I invested in his start up news platform, The North Star which is a revival of Frederick Douglas’ newspaper of the same name.


King’s podcast is just as informative, timely and moving as his social channels and an incredibly important listen. Try this one on the Sudan Uprising, or this one on When They See Us.


Let us know what podcasts you’re vibing to en route. 





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