Six Shows To Binge on Netflix RN

Summer is in full swing and while most of us are hopefully out and about soaking up UV rays, relaxing by the pool, or jet setting around the globe, sometimes you just need a lazy day of binge watching or even just a break from the heat. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a lazy Sunday when Netflix  continues to ask you if you’re still watching. Take the day to shift your mind off reality for a few hours and munch on some butter popcorn. Self care does not always mean a spa day.


So whether you’re streaming Netflix, Crave, Hayu or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a few series we’re loving this summer:


Euphoria (HBO)

This is an absolute must watch and a total trip (pun intended). Available on Crave, Euphoria follows high school students who struggle with drug addiction, discovering their sexuality, digital porn, abuse and much more. Pretty intense, right? We  follow the story through the perspective of the main character, Rue (Zendaya), who struggles with an opioid addiction to cope with OCD and anxiety. Rue meets Jules soon after spending the summer in rehab and the two become inseparable, naturally Jules has struggles and secrets of her own. Euphoria takes a very real look into the world of drug addiction, what it does to families, and struggles that many young adults deal with in silence.

Fair warning: to say there is nudity and explicit content would be putting it lightly. 


Big Little Lies Season 2 (HBO)

It’s been two years since we last saw what was happening with this group of women living in Monterey, California. The trauma from the finale of season one looms over their heads as they try to navigate everyday life. Between family health issues, marriage problems, financial issues and everything else, it becomes increasingly more difficult for them to keep their secret, and this time around a nosy mother in law, fabulously played by Meryl Streep, is a thorn in everyone’s side- #Saucy.


Stranger Things Season 3 (Netflix)

We have waited long enough, and now the wait is over! If you haven’t binge watched Stranger Things Season 3, do yourself a favour and cue it up rn. Frankly, I wasn’t a huge fan of season two, but I guess three times the charm really is the major key because this time around I was pleasantly surprised. I think the storyline had much more depth and they brought a few interesting characters into the mix that created an engaging dynamic.


The Last Czars (Netflix) 

You don’t have to be a history lover to be into this series. The dramatic docuseries follows the last Czars (obviously) of Russia in the early 1900’s, and the overthrow of the Romanov family dynasty through the influence of a corrupt monk. Don’t let that heaviness intimidate you and trust us when we say this guy was not OK! The reenactment is supplemented with historians commenting on what was happening during that time and the corruption that was taking place.


Unsolved (Netflix) 

Personally, I think this is one of the best docuseries I’ve seen. Josh Duhamel plays a Los Angeles cop who is assigned the case of looking into the Biggie and Tupac murders, 10 years after these rappers were killed to see who may have been involved in their deaths. Flashbacks show the cop originally signed to the case(s), paralleled with Josh Duhamel’s character posing interesting theories as to what may have happened in the mid 90’s that led to the murders of these two legends.


The Hills: New Beginnings (MTV)

The rest is still unwritten? Or is it completely written? We know when the Hills ended in 2010, they revealed that the show was scripted, so that narrative may not fly anymore. Tbh, we simply keep watching because we want to find out what happens between Brody and Spencer, Spencer and Stephanie, and Audrina and Justin Bobby. Although, nothing will really be the same without LC.



Not a show, but a streaming service to give you access to all of those guilty pleasure Bravo and E! Shows including: The Real Housewives, Botched, Revenge Body, Million Dollar Listing, etc. You’re welcome.





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