Top 5 Tips For Managing Your Curls

Hey curl-friends!!


I did a quickie poll on my Instagram a couple of weeks ago and asked if you wanted to know about my curly hair tips — the response was a resounding YES. So here I am with my top 5 tips for managing your curls.


Less is More: This is the realest thing I can tell you. I know a ton of people who have 4384838 steps in their hair routine. They deep condition, wash, finger detangle, seal their ends, flat twist it overnight… you get the picture. For me, low maintenance is a major key, because I’m busy and lazy. I wash/condition and detangle my hair in the shower, I use one product to set it and then I diffuse it. That’s it, that’s all — shampoo, conditioner,  a gel or hair cream and a diffuser are the only items in my arsenal.

Get a Good Ass Brush: Some people really love to finger detangle their hair and/or use a wide tooth comb. I do not enjoy this and as mentioned above, ain’t nobody got time. I use two different brushes in the shower (I only brush my hair when it’s wet and when I’m in the shower) — the Denman Brush or a Wet Brush. Both are awesome and get the job done quickly.


Praying Hands: Ok, so the “praying hands” thing is actually a technique that I use to distribute product throughout my hair evenly. Take a small section of your hair (I usually do 2 – 3 inch sections; put your product on your hands and run it through your hair in a “praying hands” motion. In other words, smush your hair between your hands like you’re clapping and run them from the root to the ends and repeat that motion. You’re basically smoothing your hair follicle so that it doesn’t get frizzy and the products is evenly spread out. Trust me, it works.


Nighttime Maintenance is KEY: If there is any one tip I can give you that I think is the most important one, it’s to maintain your hair at night. This is how I get the longest wear from my hair (I usually wash my hair once a week). I use a satin lined sleeping cap from Grace Eleyae and I LOVE it. I must admit, it’s not particularly “sexy”, but I don’t really care because my hair is the stuff of legends. But, if you’re super concerned about not being cute at bed time, you can also try the pineapple method, or sleep on a satin pillow case; that said, neither of these work better than the satin lined cap in my humble opinion, and trust me, I’ve tried them all.


Embrace the Frizz — If Not, Invest in a Spray Bottle:  A big problem I used to have with my hair was that it got frizzy too fast. I hated it and wanted perfect spiralling curls that looked like telephone cords. I found myself doing my hair way too often and stressing because it wasn’t “perfect”. Eventually, I started to just accept that I have big ass frizzy hair, and that was just part of life. Now, I LOVE my hair frizzy and big — the bigger the hair the closer to god. I actually loathe my hair when it’s too perfect and coily. Accepting that my hair is going to do what it wants and that I pretty much have no control over it was essential for me to loving it. BUT, if you can’t live with the frizz, an easy fix is getting a spray bottle and “re-setting” your hair in the morning. Just spritz it down with some water, add some conditioner and follow with the styler of your choice. That will let you stretch the style a bit longer.


I hope these 5 tips help you on your curly journey — drop your comments below if you want me to do a full curly hair routine breakdown next.


Until next time my loves!




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