The Cowe’s Cottage Essentials

The Cowe just hit Muskoka this weekend and had a blast. We figured, since we have a few more weeks of cottage SZN, we’d share our top cotty essentials.


Scroll on for what to pack when you hit the cottage this Labour Day weekend.


SPF always comes first in the Summer, especially when planning to spend the whole weekend outdoors. We don’t skimp out on the sunscreen that we put on our face. We’ve experienced results with this sunscreen, it doesn’t break us out and seems to provide above average protection from those harmful UV rays.

When in doubt, moisturize it out. This moisturizer is 100% a splurge item but holy shit! It has the girl who doesn’t even moisturize wanting to do it AM and PM. This magical cream evaporates into your skin by the time you’ve finished lathering your whole bod. It also smells delicious and is soothing on irritated skin, post sun. There’s a mini version, so you can try that before committing to the real thing!

We like to avoid liquid face makeup when baking at the cotty, but a little mascara never hurt nobody. This is a fan favourite as it lengthens without clumping, waterproof for when you decide to jump in and totally reasonable in price.

Now, you need something to remove the residue mascara in the AM/post water activities. These wipes are one of our new faves and they get the job done, while being gentle on your skin- win, win!

We feel like sun protection is forgotten when it comes to our precious lips. Our team freckles everywhere! So, we actually started religiously applying SPF on our lips after we noticed freckles starting to appear on our our lippies. This one is our favourite because it’s subtle, moisturizing and the best part, it works!

Now, the real essential post skincare. This will serve as your third limb at the cottage. We got a set of these and kept refilling to keep our bevy’s cool, under the sun. Bring a few for the gang and they’ll thank you forever. Also a good host gift for other friends partaking a weekend getaway.

We’re not suggesting that you buy Gucci slides for a one weekend getaway but we live in slides throughout the summer months, so for us a durable pair that we love is worth it! Forget your cute sandals, with going in/out of the water and on/off the dock, it makes life so much easier to have something waterproof.

These are so trendy and fun! We are into the visor look and it’s also a great way to protect your face and eyes from the sun.

No one enjoys wearing real clothes at the cottage, especially when you’re basically living in a swimsuit. We love being able to just throw on a cover up to eat, without everything hanging out. This is a lightweight option from Asos, but anything breathable (cotton or linen), works just fine!


Hope you enjoyed, Cowes! Did we miss anything? If so, go down in our DM’s here.



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