8 Week Challenge

I was sitting at my birthday lunch with our team at One munching on an onion ring and washing it down with the perfect glass of rose when Deb started talking about some friends that had just completed some 8 week challenge. Although the last thing I wanted to discuss whilst ingesting far too many calories on a glorious summer day was another diet, it was the third time I had a drink that week and it was only Wednesday. We’re enjoying our summer now aren’t we?


Once I got the low down on the cleanse (2 weeks no booze, refined carbs, sugar, etc) and 6 weeks of clean eating (with one day a week where a few low sugar cocktails and one full carb indulgence are permitted) I was intrigued. I mean, as you can see, I have had a GOOD summer when it comes to enjoying delicious things and I wouldn’t mind getting back on track and rid myself of the sluggish bloated feelings that come with too much wine and dairy. So in true Coco & Cowe fashion I’ve invited the entire Halo and Coco & Cowe teams to join in because who wants to get healthy alone?


Which brings me to my invitation to YOU! If you’ve also been enjoying a lot this summer (as you should) but are looking to reign it in join us! The details are below.


Make sure to follow along on Instagram and under the hashtag #commitwithcoco and share your success with us.


The Rules

First two weeks: NO alcohol, sugar, carbs, or dairy

Next six weeks: one cheat day with #CLEAN alcohol (vodka, tequila, or red wine) and carbs

ALL eight weeks: minimum of four workouts per week- five if we’re feeling over ambitious 😉






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