Four Months Until 2020

I feel like we are not the only one’s who treat September like a second new year. It’s just that time of year where we’re all feeling like total potatoes after #Summer19 and that we should probably (definitely), get our $hit together for real.


Reset those resolutions by joining us on our eight week challenge! We’ve been living our #HotGirlSummer and it’s time to crack tf down.


But for real, this is your sign to take a moment and realign yourself with those goals you set way back in December 2018. It’s also less threatening knowing that you have four months until the actual New Year. So these can be both short term and long term intentions to check yourself and regain focus on what you’d like to achieve or better about yourself. Because let’s face it, we can all do better.


We like to make work and personal goals here at The Cowe, because there are life things we need to get in order and then there are also bo$$ things that require our attention and diligence. This will sound lame but following the SMART rule guide for goal setting is v efficient- don’t knock it until you try it (again)!



Move on from generic goals because they are often not achieved. For example, instead of saying I want to go to the gym more, physically set a number of workouts you want to strive for each week. This eliminates the option of telling yourself it’s fine that you don’t go tonight because you went last week, whereas setting a realistic goal of doing three workouts a week actually holds you (more) accountable to visiting the gym a minimum of three times.


Pro tip: as you set these goals, reflect on why it’s important to YOU to achieve whatever it is that you are seeking.



We could talk for hours/days/months about “what we want” but most of that doesn’t propel until a deadline is established. It’s SO important to set hard deadlines with key dates. Take an hour or five to sit down and map out what is required to get yourself where you desire to be. Reflect on what resources you will need to make x, y, z happen and work towards those (strict) deadlines by checking in with yourself each week.


Achievable, Relevant, Timely

They weren’t kidding when they said good things come in threes, but SERIOUSLY these three seem like the same damn thing until broken down. That’s when we realized the significance of how these factors work together, so that you can begin GETTING. SHIT. DONE. We live in a world where we want results overnight and I think it’s safe to say that we all know that’s not the game of #life lol. We stand behind “don’t rush the process”,  because let’s face it we all have goals that are just not feasible for another two, three, or five years, but that’s not to say we can’t continue striving to achieve them. There is a fine line between letting something go because it’s too difficult (i.e. giving up), or actually taking more time with something because you’ve acknowledged what’s available to you and you’ve planned accordingly.  THIS is a gentle reminder to be aware of your environment and access when setting dates and making plans on how you will achieve your goals, while still challenging yourself to do better.


For example, will your financial state prevent you from achieving this goal? How can you make a more long term plan that will accommodate this goal in a realistic manner? Don’t doubt the power you have to change something you’re dissatisfied with.


Cowes- get in formation! YOU. CAN. DO. THIS. & WE. CAN. DO. THIS. We’re right here with you as we do a total reset and refresh of our lives, both at home and at work. Share your journey with us here, on Instagram and don’t be shy because chances are if you’re feeling one way, someone else is feeling that way too! Continue to be a part of our growing community.





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