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Local Love: Annalie Bonda of The Remix Project

TGIF, Cowes! Another #LocalLove where we shine light on a BO$$ lady who is so special to us, Annalie Bonda, the Executive Director of The Remix Project.


Read on to find out more about how Annalie actually transform lives, one day at a time!


Give us your “quick n dirty” — tell us a bit about yourself. We want to know what you’re all about

I’m a dreamer, a Pisces true and true that would have my head in the clouds if I got the chance to. Instead, I’m hustling and literally living my best life with my incredible partner, Canadian hip hop OG, DL Incognito and our two beautiful children Noëlle and Xavier.  I am the mama, not just at home but also Mama Boss at The Remix Project.


#LocalLove is all about showing love to bad-ass bosses like yourself. Can you share with us what you do for work and how you make an impact?  

I am the Executive Director of the local charity/alternative school: The Remix Project. Remix provides professional training, mentorships, skills and a network to youth 16-24 looking to pursue arts, music, and business as a career.  The impact I make daily is helping elevate the incredible youth coming from our program and at the same time helping shine the spotlight on the great work and community that Remix has built over the past 20 years.


How did you get into this line of work? 

I’ve been involved in charity work since I was 16 years old, as a youth ambassador for the City of Edmonton. Professionally I pursued fashion business as a career, and through that ended up volunteering my time at Remix as a mentor years ago.  A few years ago the co-founders were moving on and Remix was preparing for our next chapter.  It was then that I took over as ED and life has been unpredictable, but very meaningful rollercoaster ride since!


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given (career or otherwise)?

Take all the chances; as well as be kind and genuine to EVERYONE. That paired with an unwavering work ethic, will take you places you once only one day dreamed about and beyond.


How about the worst? 

“Stick to what you know, and that’s it.” Without taking it upon ourselves to learn and grow; as a person you will never advance and as a society we cannot move forward.  What I got from that was, if I don’t know how to do something; I will do everything in my power to learn; and better; to excel at it.


If you could paint your ideal life, what would that look like in 5-10 years from now? 

Enjoying some good travel time with my family, to help them understand and learn about different cultures and people. Also I’d like to be involved in world impact projects that of the work of the United Nations, and foundations like Melinda and Bill Gates and the Obama Foundation.


Who are 3 of your favourite Canadian entrepreneurs that our readers should absolutely be in the know about?

Janelle Hinds- I met Janelle at a conference in Ottawa we were both asked to contribute to on youth careers development.  She is young, so incredibly intelligent, and so of this time; using technology to assist social change.  The app she founded, Helping Hands App is a platform to help youth volunteer and get civically engaged while building skills for their future careers.


Pauleanna Reid-is actually a graduate of The Remix Project creative writing program. She is unapologetic is her pursuits at financial independence; but it does not go without sharing the reality of her personal struggles getting there.  She is relentless in her work, passionate about supporting and mentoring other young women, and is an advocate for mental health issues. Pauleanna is an published author, businesswoman, motivational speaker, mentor and a true example of an average Canadian girl making it in this world as a successful entrepreneur.  And she’s doing it in great strides!


Vicki Saunders– I met through Pauleanna actually.  She is an entrepreneur, award-winning mentor and the founder of SheEO and #radical generosity; a global initiative to radically transform how we support, finance and celebrate female entrepreneurs.  She inspires me by being so dedicated to economic empowerment of women everywhere.  I also think I live by personally, a “powerful humility”, it is similar to her message of radical generosity.


And if I can add Jessie Reyez as another…  Jessie is a graduate of Remix in just 2015 and she has rose to stardom in the music industry, not just quickly but also so powerfully; she literally kills Eminem in his latest music video.  She is changing the way music is heard today with her raw, unapologetic, honest lyrics and natural star power, in any room she graces.  She is making her stacks but also gives back at any opportunity she has, because she has a work ethic like no one else.  She is a true voice of our generation here in Toronto, showing why this city and the people from are the very best in the world!


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