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You may or may not remember, sometime in yesteryear, I put up a poll on my IG (@CleoEllis_) asking if you wanted me to review a few different types of pants from a brand called Universal Standard. I had a variety of choices for you and lo and behold, the white denim pants and black leggings won by a mile — I’m not particularly surprised by the black leggings, but the white pants thing threw me for a loop. If you know me, you know that I loathe the colour white for clothing, but my Instagram peeps had spoken and I ordered the damn white pants *eyeroll*. 


I was put onto this brand by Coco a while back when we were complaining about how MF annoying it is to shop as a lady with curves — it’s something we gripe about on the regular (ps. we are going to find a solution to this problem, I promise). In my research, I learned that I pretty much love everything that Universal Standard stands for and decided I should review it for the blog. Instead of trying to summarize what they stand for, here is an excerpt from the founders in the “About Us” section of their website that pretty much sums it up: 


“If 67% of women in the U.S. wear a size 14 or above, why were their options so dismal? It was clear that all women weren’t given the same level of style, quality, or even respect…..


We asked ourselves the whys, and then we asked ourselves the hows. How can we participate in the change we wanted to see? How can we bring all women together in a way that no one ever has before? We wanted a size 40 to shop in the same way as a size 00 – using style as her only filter, and we wanted to be the ones to make that happen. We thought about how a number on a label had so much influence on our lives and triggered internal bullies that told us we’re not worth it, so we took size out of the equation with Fit Liberty and let you shop without anxiety, fear, or regret”


This motto spoke to me at a core level, because honestly, I’ve always been a big person — despite an almost 50lb weight loss, I still have the exact same struggles shopping now that I did then. In fact, I’ve had these struggles since I was a kid, because I’m bottom heavy and #thatslife. 


Anywho, I decided to order my white pants and black leggings online and since this was a while back, I’ve had a sufficient amount of time to actually wear both items and give you a thorough review; so let’s start from the top. 


Cost and Shipping

I placed my order on June 20th and I purchased the Core Legging in size XS and the Seine High Rise Skinny in White in a size 14. The purchase was in USD, so it was pretty pricey TBH ($165 USD = $218.51 CAD) and shipping was an additional $15. The order shipped the very next day and it arrived on July 2nd. Now, don’t kill me, but I can’t remember if I paid duties on it — I vaguely recall having to, but I can’t find the receipt so don’t quote me on it. 


The Fit

The black leggings fit like a glovvvveeeeee. They are so soft and super high waisted, which I personally love, and they came in a size XS — Idk about you, but this is the first time in my life I’ve been an XS and I’m into it. But most importantly ladies, THEY. ARE. NOT. SEE. THROUGH. IN. THE. BUM!!! I’ve worn these things a zillion times and I love them. In fact, if you’re on the taller side, they will probably serve you really well, because they are quite long. Side note, I hang dry almost all of my clothing, so this may also have something to do with their ability to withstand a twice a week wash and wear.



Now, onto the white pants. These are quite possibly the softest pants I’ve ever put my ass into. For realsies. They’re not actual denim, they’re 59% Cotton, 38% Viscose, 3% Elastane so they’re uber stretchy. I did order them in a size 14, which was what I should be according to their size chart and they were definitely too big for me. To be fair, my issue with these pants is the same issue I have with pretty much every pair of pants I own; they’re too big in the waist. 


I have a 34 inch waist and a 48 inch hip, so that makes finding pants that fit really really difficult. I could probably go down to a 10 or 12 even if I really wanted to in these — they are very forgiving and stretchy. The other thing I didn’t love about them was the pocket placement. If you look in these photos, there is a great deal of space between the pockets, and it makes my ass look square. That said, I think this problem would be resolved if I got them in a smaller size.  Something HELLA dope about they offer is a free size exchange in their Fit Liberty collection within on year if your size changes, which is SICKKKKKK. So I’m actually going to order these pants in a smaller size and see if they work out better for me, because aside from the pockets and the sizing, I actually really like them and would fully be willing to try them again. 


Final Thoughts

Honestly, I am super happy with my Universal Standard purchases and even happier that this incredible brand showcases and leads with women of different sizing right off the bat. It’s nice to go to a website that shows what actual women in the real world look like — i.e., a variety of different sizes, body types, ethnicities etc. I would absolutely recommend ordering from them, just keep in mind the bits about sizing and you should be golden.

Check out Universal Standard on the gram @UniversalStandard if you want to see not only beautiful clothing, but if you want to feel inspired on a daily basis to be your best and most authentic self.





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