Taking Back My Sunday’s, Thanks to CIBC SmartBanking

This blog post is sponsored by CIBC, but all views expressed are my own.


I’ve owned my own small business for over ten years now and I would not have it any other way. Being an entrepreneur has its challenges including finding the time to do everything on your to-do list. Between managing staff, scheduling, and doing actual work for our clients there is little time to manage the nuts and bolts of the company (read: finances), never mind finding time for awesome things like #selfcare and #metime – to be honest if they weren’t hashtags I don’t think I would even know what those two things are any more.


One thing I have been doing lately is working on finding solutions to help run our business more efficiently. In fact, part of the 8 Week Challenge that myself and some colleagues are on is not only about the health of our physical bodies, but also of the health of our minds and our business. Finding more free time to enjoy life is where it’s at (because otherwise, WHY?) so when I found out about CIBC’s new CIBC SmartBankingTM for Business platform I was seriously pumped.


What the heck is SmartBanking and why should you care? Well, whether you are just starting out or are like me and in the position to grow, CIBC SmartBanking allows you to integrate your business banking with your accounting and payroll services all into one place.


AKA you don’t have to log onto to QuickBooks Online or Xero for your financial snapshot and invoicing, then head over to Ceridian Powerpay Plus to check on your payroll, and then back to your bank to see if everything is going to work out.


Nope!  You see it all in one place therefore simplifying your reconciliation by combining your banking and accounting all in one place.


This sweet solution allows me to reduce data entry and keep me right on top of my business finances all in one spot. Plus, most data is shared in real time so you don’t have to worry about a lag in the system from platform to platform and you can feel good about your financial decisions having all of the information together.


Navigating through this new program has allowed me to see a light at the end of the small business owner tunnel. If this keeps up you might see me joining in on some #selfcare and #metime on the ‘Gram and I will not be mad about it!


Check out how you can jump on the platform here:, or contact CIBC’s Business Banking Solutions Specialists at 1 866 992-7223 to learn more.





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