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In The Know With Coco and Cowe: Friday October 25, 2019

TGIF, Cowes!


Stay #InTheKnow this week with everything from the best blueberry banana pancake recipe, to Pete Davidson’s relationship status, to the best holiday sets to buy at Sephora now, and new drama films to add to your watch list this month.


  1. Five star blueberry banana pancake recipe (*drools*)
  2. Pete Davidson’s new potential gf is on the world’s radar.
  3. Selena Gomez has finally released new music, leading fans to point fingers at Bieber.
  4. “Why every 20-something should know more about their hormones.”
  5. Seasonal latte creations to make at home, yes that includes an @ home PSL.
  6. The Song of Style sweater guide is everything.
  7. The best holiday gift sets at Sephora rn.
  8. New drama movies to add to your watch list.
  9. October’s full moon cues major life changes in all of our lives.
  10. Nicole Kidman’s POV on staying on your A game, managing enormous amounts of fatigue, and finding the right mix of oil and water.
  11. The sage teddy puffer your closet needs now.
  12. The Toronto Raptors seem to be the only ones not disappointing us this week lol. The boys started the season off with a WIN against the Pelicans in OT. 
  13. Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal Cups recipe to try this weekend.
  14. Aritzia launches its first ever menswear product- hello Mr. Super Puff!
  15. “My parents are still paying my 30-year-old brothers’ rent”- read on, here.
  16. Our fave VS PJ’s are on sale now! Shop quickly.



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