SKIMS Review

Ladies, the moment has come and I can finally give you the low down dirty details on my SKIMS. So, I have been wearing shapewear since the dawn of time — and by that, I mean since I was 17 and got my first corset for my grad dress (do not recommend FYI). While my waist was snatched to the effing gods in that corset, they are WILDLY uncomfortable and I couldn’t eat in it, which is a dealbreaker for me. Shortly after that, I discovered SPANX and have been wearing shapewear ever since. I’ve tried a million different kinds and honestly, I always come back to SPANX because of the pee hole and how well they hold me in. 


Now, if there’s one thing I know about Kim Kardashian, it’s that almost everything I’ve ever tried from her (perfume, makeup, body foundation) has been awesome, so naturally, I needed to try these SKIMS. 


I ordered the Sculpting High Waist Brief in the colour Sienna and the Sculpting Bodysuit in black. I definitely wanted the bodysuit, but I would have preferred to order the Sculpting Mid-Waist brief rather than the high waist one; but this shit sells out in the blink of an eye, so I couldn’t get them. I spent $108 USD of my hard earned cointssss on this purchase, including shipping. They came hella fast too, which I loved. It was shipped out in 48 hours and arrived in under a week, which is way better than the wait time for her KKW Beauty stuff *eyeroll*.



Let’s get down to business. 


The bodysuit is FIRE and I frickin love it. It sucks you in and snatches the waist like nobody’s business. It’s a little sheer in the nipple area, so I recommend wearing a bra under it if you’re going to wear it as just a bodysuit underneath a jacket, otherwise it’s nipples to the wind. The only drawback to this garment is that the bikini part has piping and is snug, so if you have a little extra cushion on the thighs, it might cut into you a bit — it definitely does on me. But honestly that’s not something that bothers me at all because I can just pull it down.


The high waisted brief, I did not love, but not because it wasn’t good. I happen to have a super short torso, so it just went up way too high on me. To give you some perspective, I had enough extra room in it that I could have pulled the garment over my boobs. I know everyone is going to ask if it rolls down, but I can’t answer that question because I had to fold the garment over to make it work for me — so I don’t think it does, but body shape plays into this and my rib cage is quite small so I don’t normally experience rolling down of shapewear.


Something to note about the colouring on the skin tone garments is that they are really cool toned. Sienna was the colour I ordered and while it’s the closest to my actual skin tone, it’s still it a little ashy on me. I also found that the brief didn’t snatch me quite as well as the bodysuit, but I really think it’s because my torso is so short that it just fits me awkwardly in general. Lucky for us, Coco has a super long torso, so she’s going to give them a whirl, so check in with her for feedback.


Overall, I think that the SKIMS are pretty dope and they definitely measure up against my ever faithful SPANX so far. I am one hundo p ordering more pieces to test out to see if they are my new holy grail. 


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