Calling All Biz Owners! CIBC’s New SmartBankingTM for Business Platform Allows You to Earn Back Your Precious Time

Being busy is cool. I mean the goal when I got into business was to be successful and being busy is part of that, it’s a good problem to have (they say). But then you get so busy that you literally start forgetting what day it is, what is up and what is down, what your kid’s name is…. And that is so not cool. Unfortunately, I’m not alone and CIBC has a survey to prove it.


According to a poll taken by CIBC, two thirds of small business owners report working more hours and 61 percent feel their stress levels are higher. I guess it isn’t surprising then to discover that more than 50 per cent have given up their hobbies and passion projects and forget about real vacations, with over 60 per cent struggling to find the time to take off.


As I begin my fourth year as a co-owner of Halo & Co. and my 11th as founder of Coco & Cowe I can’t help but think not only of our successes but also of our quality of life. I love what I do but I also love my family and my friends. I love to explore and to be creative, and much of that comes from being completely disconnected. Creating new, fresh ideas for the work we do needs space and time away from the constraints and demands, and especially time away from the screens.


What I’ve come to discover is that strategic, simple solutions lead to real changes that can cut down time and make me more focused and effective. The CIBC SmartBanking platform is one of the changes you can make that truly makes all of the difference in the world. Having all of your business’ finances in one place gives you a true snapshot of your business, plus aligns all  your accounting, payroll and finances all together. SmartBanking integrates all of the financial needs and reporting for your business in one easy to navigate place and I dig that. Why not incorporate a platform into our daily lives that’s main goal is to make my business’ day to day life simpler? A no brainer if you ask me and my team!


See what this resource is all about here:, or contact CIBC’s Business Banking Solutions Specialists at 1 866 992-7223 to learn more.





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