I Found The Best Eyelash Extension Studio In Toronto

For those that know me, you’d know that I take beauty seriously. From hair, to nails and eyebrows, and now eyelashes… this maintenance routine is no joke.

I’ve been getting eyelash extensions on and off for about a year and a half. When I first started out, fresh to the eyelash game, I was taken aback by the pricing. I was used to splurging on my nails every few weeks; that cost had been long worked into my budget. However, the thought of adding an additional $100-200 to the bill for lashes made me a little ill. So, I was on a mission to find the cheapest spot in the city. Toronto’s “hidden gem,” if you will.

Long story short, I got my lashes done in an extremely dingy house and likely risked eye infection each time I went there. But it was cheap, right? Wrong. Now, please take my sage wisdom and repeat after me: cheaper does not mean better.

Thankfully, I’m coming to you from the other side. After some trials and tribulations I have found the holy grail of lash artists in Toronto and I have come here to share the wealth.

Enter N15 Salon. Not only is it cute, clean, and professional (with a 4.5 rating on Yelp!), but the lash artists, Hannah and Marina, cannot be beat. I have never had such beautiful lashes since coming to N15. Not only are my lashes glam AF when I walk out of the Salon but even better, they last! *Crowd goes wild*


The salon is located at the intersection of Queen and Yonge Street, next to Starbucks. (1 Queen St E, Unit 105, M5C 2W5)

Here’s the before (it should be said that I have a set of extensions on in the following photo – done by N15 as well, and this was how they still looked after a month and a half!):

And this is the after:

So what do you need to know before you commit to lash extensions? I could write a small essay about all that I’ve learned trying to find a good artist but I figure I’ll stop talking and let the pros from N15 take it away!

Do I need to prep before my appointment?

It is preferred that the client has no mascara or does not have their lashes manually curled beforehand. Another important tip, no eye cream on prior to your appointment.

Will this ruin or damage my natural lashes? Or harm my skin or eyes?

Minimal damage. Any damage occurs because of eye rubbing. In fact, applying mascara everyday is known to damage the natural lashes more than eyelash extensions due to the removal/rubbing process. In terms of harm to skin or eyes, also no. Extensions are carefully attached about 1.5mm from the base of the eyelashes, so there is no direct contact with your lid. We also perform a patch test prior to see if your skin is sensitive.


What lash services does N15 offer?

We specialize in lash extensions, and all our technicians are highly trained/rated with the latest techniques from Japan. All our materials are imported from Japan. We offer a classic, hybrid and volume lashes. We also offer mink, sable and flat lashes (the latest material in the industry with a hollow core that allows for greater lift and curl)
We also offer Upwardlash technique and Bindlock, which is the latest technique from Japan that allows higher durability and longer lasting retention. None of our other competitors in the GTA offer this technique. We also offer lash perms, lash tinting and brow shaping treatments.


What is the difference between an experienced and an inexperienced eyelash technician?

There are so many technicians who advertise that they’re experts having received a 1-3 months training certificate.  At N15 Salon, our technicians are highly qualified with 5+ years experience.

With experienced technicians your lashes will feel:

  • Very comfortable, weightless
  • Lashes will look very natural and blend nicely with your natural lashes
  • Long lasting wear (provided certain activities are avoided as stated above, such as eye rubbing)

In NO Situations should:

  • Your lashes be clumped together, crisscrossed, stacked
  • There be glue on your eyelid
  • Be uncomfortable
  • Lashes be all turned down
  • Eyelid stinging

How important is the type of glue used?

Very important. Good quality glue extends the wear of the eyelashes and does not sting the eyes during the appointment. Many common brands contain formaldehyde which produces the stinging effect.  At N15, we carefully chose the best brand from Japan that is formulated to maximize the wear and comfort of the client. We use allergenic-free medical-grade glue which was developed especially for safe use around the eyes.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

About 3 weeks to 1 month. Your natural lashes actually shed/re-grow like your hair. They will fall off as each of your lashes reaches its own maturity cycle.

What activities should I avoid to prolong the wear of my lashes?

A few helpful tips and tricks to maximize lash wear:

  • Please be especially careful not to get your lashes wet for 5-6 hours after you have extensions done – creams and oils can cause your extensions to fall off more quickly
  • Avoid sweaty activities after your appointment until the glue has fully dried and set (5 -6 hours is recommended)
  • If you choose to wear Mascara on your extensions, avoid oil- or waterproof-based formula. Avoid oil-based eye cleansers
  • We highly recommend using a Lash Coating Essence daily to provide eyelash nutrition while reinforcing the adhesion bond between your natural lash and eyelash extension. Apply once in the morning and once at night and it can extend the time of your lashes by 50 per cent.

What eyelash trends do you see currently? Is there anything happening in Japan that you think will soon become popular here?

Sable lashes are very popular in Japan due to its comfort wear ability, natural look and weightlessness. Sable is the thinnest and softest option rated at 0.1-0.15mm. Sable is especially recommended for those who have very thin natural lashes that have trouble supporting the weight of Mink. Fun fact – men actually get their eyelash extensions done in Japan. The unisex look is very in (though we really don’t see that happening in Canada) … lol!

Interesting, right? N15 Salon knows what they’re doing, trust me. Do you get eyelash extensions, or are you thinking of it? Let us know in the comments!

P.S. Book now with the code N15LASHHOLIDAY and receive 25% off your first appointment! (Although be sure to bring cash! As this code is cash only!)



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