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In The Know With Coco And Cowe: January 17, 2020

TGIF, Cowes!


Stay #InTheKnow with everything from, V and Austin’s breakup, your weekend horoscope, 2020 planners to get your life in check, a booty band workout to crush this year’s fitness goals, and a flavourful chipotle sweet potato soup recipe.


Enjoy & happy weekend.


  1. Harvey Weinstein’s victims just want justice.
  2. Vanessa and Austin’s breakup has us feeling second-hand heartbreak.
  3. Your weekend horoscope from our @betches fam.
  4. The Gap has become relevant again… thank you Telfar.
  5. The best way to pack your lunch, on the go!
  6. Reading positions 101.
  7. The best 2020 planners for boss ladies- yes, that includes you!
  8. The power a resistance band has on your booty (natural #BBL)
  9. Why Netflix’s new series “Cheer” is beyond addictive.
  10. Halsey’s new album Manic is a beautiful mess.
  11. Chipotle sweet potato black bean soup recipe.
  12. A goal worksheet to keep you on track as 2020 passes by
  13. How to do pizza night right, at home!
  14. Inspo when styling leather pants.
  15. Everyday tote bags for any and all occasions.
  16. Your NYC guide– archive for your next trip!



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