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In The Know With Coco and Cowe: Friday January 24, 2020

Happy Friday, Cowes!


Stay #InTheKnow with everything from T-Swift’s new documentary, the low low on choosing furniture for your space, productivity tips, to your next Netflix binge and are pretzels actually healthy?


Read on & enjoy.


  1. WHY is it that my long-term relationship has made me a lazy potato?
  2. Betches helped breakdown the Tik Tok phenomenon so we don’t have to.
  3. Being sentimental could help you save money; sounds like a win-win.
  4. Tips when choosing furniture for your space.
  5. Five ingredient energy bites, great for an on-the-go pick you up.
  6. The most accurate depiction of facial expressions when attempting to take a photo.
  7. Chic AND affordable finds for your space.
  8. Eight productivity (life) hacks to make better use of your time.
  9. Here Taylor Swift goes again, love or hate her, Miss Americana opens Sundance 2020.
  10. Halsey’s $3 brow go-to is clearly working for her! *adds to cart*
  11. Are pretzels like, healthy? LOL.
  12. The ultimate breakup has nothing on Vanessa Hudgens.
  13. The Guardian reviews season two of Sex Education– if you haven’t watched the series, you most definitely should!
  14. V-Day gifting inspo, to give and receive.
  15. Feta quinoa zucchini fritters to try this weekend.



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