Valentines Day: Gifting for Your S/O & Bestie

We are almost one week away from the ultimate day of love, Valentine’s Day. The Cowe has you covered with two gift guides, inspo for your significant other and cute ideas to celebrate with your bestie.


For Your S/O

Men’s UGG Scuff Slipper

Is it just us, or does your man also steal your house slippers? It’s time to bite the bullet and get him his very own pair. One of the most useful gifts of all, we promise!

“I Love Your Face” Chocolates 

Are these not the cutest chocolates you did ever see? It’s a win-win, sweet and fun!

Plan a Date Night Out 

We feel like we hardly go to the movies anymore, because #life! Pre-book your tickets for a VIP screening with your s/o and dwell on the comfort of reclining chairs, wine and buttery popcorn.


Cook A Home Cooked Meal 

Sometimes there’s nothing better than actually having a day to cook your s/o’s fave recipe with love and having a cozy night in, in your PJ’s with! Wine is a bonus.

Peddler Delivery (edibles) 

Surprise your S/O with some edibles after a lonnnnng week, when they need assistance on chilling TF out.




For Your Bestie 

Mani Pedi at Majesty’s Pleasure 

Treat your bestie/sis to the most luxe mani in the city, at Majesty’s Pleasure. Your bestie deserves to treat themselves and this is the perfect act of showing them how!


Private Wine Tasting 

This is such a fun experience to gift and do together. What better way to indulge than wine and cheese? Exactly.

Karaoke Girls Night Out

We have first hand experience in one of Dasha’s karaoke rooms and it is totally worth it! You’ll end up wondering how five hours went by so quickly?!

Host a Rom Com Slumby

Refer to Rotten Tomatoes list of the 150 best romantic comedies of all time to create your V-Day shortlist of what you and your gals will binge, while eating chocolate and drinking wine. Cheers to girls nights in!


Tag us here for what you get up to this V-Day!



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