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In The Know With Coco and Cowe: Friday February 21, 2020

Happy Friyay, Cowes!


Stay #InTheKnow with everything from styling your slip dress in -25 weather, whether or not you should incorporate a daily probiotic, Kourt K’s wardrobe essentials, how to deal with jealousy in your relationship, and have your taken yourself on a date recently?


Read on…


  1. Six healthy ways to deal with jealousy in your relationship(s).
  2. Your weekend horoscope, thanks to the @betches team.
  3. 10 things to do before and after your workout to maximize results.
  4. Do you take yourself on dates?
  5. Can the Lovers & Friends festival be trusted?
  6. Kourt’s wardrobe essentials under $120.
  7. Wake your S/O up this weekend with challah French toast w/ sour cream strawberry swirl to die for…
  8. Earl Grey blueberry muffin recipe, here!
  9. “Is emotional cheating worse than physical cheating?” Asking for a friend…
  10. The low low on incorporating a probiotic into your daily routine.
  11. How to style your slip dress in these frigid temperatures.
  12. We need this Good American sweat set, like yesterday.
  13. See what’s in Lauren Elizabeth’s cart this month. Just what we need… more inspo for our wishlist!
  14. You can officially order Summer Friday’s gel cleanser NOW.
  15. “Best ever mushroom soup recipe”… let’s put this to the test!



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