Organization: The Key to a Less Stress Filled Life with Merchandised Maison

In my work life, I work tirelessly to ensure the spaces and events we create for our clients are perfect. From the scent of the room to the hand of a glass, everything should feel right; it’s all in the magic of the tiniest details. Now when it comes to my home, it can be a different story. Don’t get me wrong, my home is very clean and tidy but I was finding the more busy my life got, the more travel I had to do, the more ‘junk drawers’ I accumulated and my closet, forget about it.


And then Shelley of Merchandised Maison entered my life. She hit me up via DM last year and it took me six months to finally make getting organized a priority. Something always became more pressing and because she needed a few days to get me sorted, I was more focused on pushing it off. But let me tell you, I wish I hadn’t waited so long! I had no idea how much an organized closet and makeup area – the things I need to get my days started – changed my mornings. Rushing to get Harlowe and myself out the door is always a thing, but when my stuff was all over the place it was that much more tedious.


Shelley and I started with what I thought was a small task, my vanity. From getting sent makeup to test over the years, to my inability to let go of anything, I had built up a pretty impressive collection of things I never used. I thought I was doing just fine but as Shelley pulled it all out and organized it into categories for me to sort through I finally realized that 100 lip liners (that I don’t use) are about 98 too many. And it was like that for every category. I quickly eliminated all of the things that I either didn’t use or were out of date and after a few more hours of incredible organization by Shelley, I had a makeup station that was clutter free, organized and beautiful. The next morning as I got ready and reached for my eyebrow pencil I marvelled at the speed at which I located it – usually I would shuffle through a million and one things to find the 5 things I actually used.






Now onto my clothes. This one was a bit tougher. When we started Shelley said something that stuck with me, she said:

“Don’t decide based on what fits or what doesn’t, what’s trendy or not, keep what you love and get rid of what you don’t.”


Simple, right? It was at first but then it got a bit trickier when the memories attached to the clothing started flowing out as I waded through the sea of clothes that I had collected over the years. You see, I haven’t cleaned out my closet since I moved after my separation so there was so much laying there heavy within the layers of the fabric that I had to excuse myself a few times to have a little cry during the process.


See the process of how we organized this space on YouTube, HERE.




After I had finally made my piles: repairs, donations, resale and fabric recycling, Shelley got to work on her magic of merchandising. She rehung my clothes on matching velvet hangers, separated dresses from pants and sweaters from hoodies and even removed every other cupboard door at the top of my closet unit to display my bags in a fun artistic way that makes me happy every time I look at it. Now everything in my closet has its place. From shape wear to headbands and bathing suits to toques, I know where everything goes and I not only get ready (and pack) at warp speeds now, I also am way more inclined to put things back where I found them so my space stays as beautiful as Shelley left it.



There are so many reasons that I love Shelley and the work that she does. But one of the main reasons I now swear by her and her services is not only her holistic approach to organizing your space, but also the true shift I have felt in my life since she touched it. The truth is, I’m not starved for space, I have a big beautiful closet and I understand my privilege in that. But Shelley helped remind me of not only what I have but also she helped me realize that I don’t need so many things. In editing my closet I was able to rid myself of a lot of dead weight and now I have so much more freedom picking though 4 or 5 pairs of pants that I truly love than a pile of pants that just make me sad I don’t fit into. It’s incredible how therapeutic this process can be and I can’t wait to continue to work with her to get my entire house on point!


Shelley, will you move in with me???



For those of you who have a smaller space, Shelley is an expert at that too! She did my partner Halla’s condo and she is just as happy as I am.

Scroll on for a few of our favourite organizing items from The Container Store, Muji and Amazon of course.



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