Big Booty Denim Edit



For whatever reason, I’ve had a zillion people ask me about what jeans I wear lately — especially my big booty/wide hipped sisters *high five*. Finding an amazing pair of jeans can be a pain in the ass; in fact, I pretty much didn’t wear jeans from 1999 through 2012 because it was the era of the low-rise jeans. 


You remember the ones…. With the 1.5 inch zipper that showed your butt crack and that ladies would pull their g-strings up to show LOL (apparently they’re making a comeback, but I rebuke this on every level). 

Anyways, finding the perfect jeans is hella hard, especially when you have a  🍑. Luckily, I’ve found some staples that are fantastic. That said, with every single pair of jeans that I own, I have to get them altered in the waist and sometimes in the ankle — if you want to read more about my top shopping hacks for a curvy body, check out this blog post. I’ve just accepted this to be true no matter what. My waist to hip ratio is just not something that regular jeans accommodate *shrugs* it is what it is. 


Levi’s Mile High: I frickin LOVE these damn jeans and what’s better is that they run a size or two too big, so I can wear a 31 in these and I normally wear a 33 or 34 in my denim. They’re super high waisted and stretchy and the composition of them is really good — I’ve had mine for two years and have yet to blow out the crotch because of chub rub, so I’d say that I’m winning here. 



Gap Curvy True Skinny Jeans: These are ALWAYS on sale and I love it. I had no idea until recently that Gap had jeans that were worthwhile and then I found these. They offer them in regular, tall and petite lengths and they go up to size 35, which is dope.  I wear these jeans at least once a week and I think I’ve had them for close to 3 years.



Possibly my favourite jeans of all time aren’t exactly  jeans, but I’m going to lump them in either way — the Canopy Jeans from Fashion Nova. These damn pants are regularly $45 but as we know, FN always has a minimum 30% off of everything, so you will never buy them at regular price. 


I’ve purchased them in 3 different colours and the only thing I’d flag is that the actual denim version of these fits way differently than the coloured versions (it fits super duper small). They run a smidge big in the black and the green (the colours I’ve tried) and I usually order them in a 30 or 31. The best part about them is that they actually fit my waist!! I don’t have to get them altered, which is magical. Also, this version is already high waisted — there is a version on the site that says “super high waisted” or something like that and if you get those they will probably be up to your boobs #Jussayin.



That’s my round up my darlings, let me know if there are other dope denim options that you recommend and if you want me to do another fun roundup. 






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