Week Two: How to Continue Entertaining Your Kids in Quarantine

This is for all the mama’s out there! Trust us when we say we felt like we ran out of activities on day two.

Read on for ten resources to keep your little ones busy…

  1. Make rainbows and place them in your windows, the idea is that though our kids can’t see friends, if they happen to pass by, the rainbows can serve as a reminder that they have a friend inside thinking of them.
  2. Schedules — it’s important to stay on schedule with the kiddos, so here are some great schedule templates to use and maybe even post on the fridge.
  3. Scholastic Learn; daily projects at home, aligned by grade level to keep their brains busy!
  4. Olaf (Josh Gad) from Frozen reading stories on his Instagram and Twitter — you have to look around a bit, but they’re there!
  5. Homeschool Pop is a YouTube channel where it’s a cool place to learn, educating elementary aged children in a fun and unique way!
  6. Let’s Keep Reading is an amazing resource for spicing up your kids bedtime reading routine. This platform has recordings of some of your kids favourite authors performing interactive read alouds. Here is the schedule!
  7. Amazing Educational Resources has created this wholesome spreadsheet with a TON of different learning resources for everyone to use — literally there is everything from learning a new language, to coding.
  8. Open Culture shares free audiobooks, textbooks, e-books, and online courses.
  9. DuoLingo is one of the most reputable platforms to help with language learning. Use this time to potentially learn a new language with your family together!
  10. Virtual School Day offers 30 hours a week of free online instruction that is live, interactive, and high-quality.

Tag us in the activities that get you through the week with your families!

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