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In The Know With Coco and Cowe: Friday March 27, 2020

Happy Friday, Cowes!

We hope everyone continues to stay safe and feel well during this time.

Stay #InTheKnow and take your mind off life with everything from satisfying jigsaw puzzles, to organization items you need now, easy at home waxing kits, tips to avoid mindless snacking and cozy UGG slippers to order now.

  1. 18 satisfying jigsaw puzzles to keep your brain active this quarantine #adulting.
  2. Four fun thingsLord knows we need it.
  3. What Do I Make With the Beans I Panic-Bought, and Other Burning Questions
  4. Four coronavirus myths debunked stat.
  5. Quality instagram live content because, the @betches team watched and sifted through so we didn’t have to.
  6. Explore Marianna Hewitt’s go-to workouts + equipment essentials- the power of influence is a real thing!
  7. Spring nail inspo to save now and apply later.
  8. The organization items every adult should have, now is the time!
  9. Nine ways to level up your rest and recovery game, while being forced to quarantine.
  10. We are especially loving these cozy UGG slippers rn.
  11. Easy at home wax kits to get through this quarantine.
  12. How to stay married during a pandemic- LOL facts.
  13. Superfood combinations for wellness to assist with digestive function.
  14. Ways to stop snacking mindlessly, we need all the help we can get in this department.
  15. Check out our quarantine highlight for activities and tips to get you through the next few weeks.
  16. Now is the time to be day dreaming, Cowes: 


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